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North Sea

From the East coast of the United Kingdom to the fjords of Norway and English Channel, the North Sea makes for spectacular sailing.

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The North Sea sits in the Northen Hemisphere and laps the coasts between UK, Scandinavia and several countries on the European continent.

Denmark, Norway, Germany, Netherlands and the Shetland and Orkney Islands all provide a huge variety of stunning sailing, wildlife and culture.

Sailing in the North Sea could take you anywhere from the exploring the Norwegian fjords, to cruising around the Dutch Frisian Islands, exploring the uninhabited island of Scotland or even travelling through the Kiel Canal.

This sea is rich with fish, in turn attracting plenty of bigger mammals. Seals, porpoises and even walruses have been spotted at varying locations around the North Sea, with plenty of whale species being spotted too. Humpback, fin and minke whales are all common in the waters of the North Sea, and it is also a must-see spot for bird watchers with all manner of species of birds frequenting the skies and cliffs surrounding the sea.

There is no one culture that prevails over the North Sea as it borders so many different countries. From London tea to German bratwurst and Danish pastries, whatever shores you land on there will be plenty of culture, flora and fauna to experience and explore, not to mention the world-class sailing.

Scilly coastline in Summer


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