experience: Exploration

Crofters Cruise

Lady of Avenel scotland sailing

Join tall ship Lady of Avenel for five days of sailing and fabulous food as she explores the Firth of Clyde.

Sailing from Ipswich to London

London Tower Bridge

Explore the iconic Thames Estuary on tall ship Trinovante. From tranquil river anchorages to the iconic sight of Tower Bridge.

Sailing from Amsterdam to Denhelder

Trinovante Amsterdam to Denhelder

Join Trinovante in the midst of the Sail Amsterdam festival before sailing to calmer waters to experience traditional Dutch culture along the coast.

Sailing from Ipswich to Bergen

Trinovante Bergen

Sail with Trinovante as she makes her way North to Norway for her summer sailing season. Think rugged coast, majestic fjords and a relaxed way of life.

Sailing around Ispwich

Trinovante Denhelder-Ipswich

Join Trinovante in her home waters of the Thames estuary, exploring quaint English towns, historic ports and tranquil river anchorages.

Sailing from France to Spain

France Brittany Lighthouse

Sail with Eye of the Wind as she makes her way from Brest, across the Bay of Biscay and down to the coast of Northern Spain. A great opportunity to build up sea miles!

Sailing in Tidal Waters North Sea

Eye of the Wind sign

Sail across the North Sea and down to the English Channel with Eye of the Wind to reach the port of Brest in France. A great chance to gain sea miles!

Swedish Skerry Sailing

Denmark fishing boats

Swedish sailing holiday exploring the fascinating archipelago of Gothenburg on a luxury windjammer.

Across the Kattegat to Sweden

Eye of the Wind Sunset

Scandinavian sailing from Denmark across the Kattegat strait to the coastal city Gothenburg, Sweden.