Life on Board Lady of Avenel

Join Lady of Avenel for good food, remote locations and traditional tall ship sailing experiences.

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Life onboard is one of comfort and variety and Lady of Avenel is as generous with space and she is her offerings.

The large deckhouse accommodates the saloon, galley and a single toilet (to save you going downstairs under sail!). The generous saloon is the main dining area and weather shelter with wrap-around windows allowing guests to sit in the dry and warm whilst enjoying the views of wild landscapes. By night it turns into a space for guitar playing, book reading and board game playing and with the tables removed, has even been turned into a dance floor at guests request! For colder evenings the wood burning can be light for added warmth and that cosy feel.

There is also plenty of space out on the open deck too. From the upper weather deck at the stern with great views along the ship and up the rigging to the foredeck where you can take a seat, feel the seaspray on your face and the wind running through your hair.

Below decks, the offerings of space don’t stop with eight private twin bunk cabins (six for guest use) with floor to ceiling cupboard storage and plug sockets for your essentials. There is also a toilet and shower room in the bows with another separate toilet and shower cubicle in the middle of the ship.

Stefan and his crew actively encourage all guests to get as involved as they would like. Whether that’s pulling one of the 74 ropes or simply enjoying a G&T with a view, you certainly won’t be short of things to do. Chart reading and helm taking are also firm favourites with the offer of climbing the rigging or going out on the bowsprit always open to those who are feeling brave enough! Stefan and his crew are fulling trained so they welcome all aboard, from complete novices to avid sailors, they are happy to show you the ropes and you don’t need to be super fit or string to get involved.

Stefan and his crew love nothing more than to accommodate their guests’ needs and wishes and are flexible with the daily routine to suit all those onboard. Scheduling and itinerary then follow to adapt the wind, weather and tides as well as the wishes, abilities and interests if our groups and guests. Their main prerogative is to ensure that guests have time to relax and a chance to switch off from everyday modern life. As much as the crew loves guests to get involved with the sailing of the ship, they also make sure that guests enjoy the scenery, spot wildlife or shoot breath-taking pictures of the surrounding landscapes.

To remain as green as possible Lady of Avenel is sailed whenever and wherever possible with sailing hours balanced with plenty of time ashore to explore. Stefan prefers to explore locations off the beaten track and overnight anchorages in sheltered bays, secluded coves and traditional lochs with happy hour starting when the sun is over the yardarm.

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Lady of Avenel

Lady of Avenel is perfect for those wanting to get involved with sailing a tall ship.

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Lady of Avenel

Originally named Wytske Eelkje, Lady of Avenel's history comes from all over Europe.

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