Narwhal’s History

Narwhal's history is short and sweet with her most exciting adventure and stories being created as we speak.

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First built for her owner in the Czech Republic in 2004, she began her sailing life in the warmer waters of Croatia before her exploration of the Mediterranean took her over to the Caribbean.

Soon it became time for her to point her bows toward more northern waters and she came to the UK for a refit to prepare her to take on arctic adventures in comfort. Katherine and Eric bought her in 2016 and quickly set about making Narwhal their home as well as ensuring that she is fully kitted out as a self-sufficient and robust boat ready to take on any adventure.

Skipper profile

Eric and Katharine

Couple Eric and Katharine are the owners and skippers of Narwhal.

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Life onboard


Think wild locations, remote sailing and beach cleans whilst in total boat comfort.

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The History of


From Croatia to the Arctic, Narwhal has earnt her sea miles.

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