Polly Agatha Skipper

Mark Boardman has been sailing all his life and is the proud owner and skipper of Polly Agatha.

Mark has been sailing since childhood, first in dinghies and then onto sailing yachts. He is a trained commercial yachtsman and before purchasing Polly Agatha last year, Mark has previously owned a 1970s Nicholson 35 and a 35′ steel cutter. However, Polly Agatha is undoubtedly the finest yacht he has ever sailed and marks a new chapter in his life, merging a love of seafaring tradition with the pleasures of practical sailing and the conviviality of the sea.

Mark has previously worked in accountancy which took him to the Channel Islands so he knows the coast well and loves it dearly. He also used to work in the Meditteranean as a flotilla slipper so he is well acquainted with hosting guests and ensuring they have an unforgettable experience. Mark considers himself something of a Francophile and is very familiar with the coasts of North Brittany and Normandy from both a sailing and shoreside perspective.

The Polly Agatha’s crew consider themselves to be primarily cruisers rather than racers. They believe that above all else, ships large or small, are intended to travel and explore and to take us on adventures to new places. They never cease to be amazed at how a familiar port, harbour or piece of coast is seen through new eyes when approached from the sea; and how different the arrival can be when made by boat.

Skipper profile

Mark Boardman

Based in Delightful Dorset Mark Boardman is the proud owner and skipper of Pilot Cutter, Polly Agatha.

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Life onboard

Polly Agatha

Polly Agatha is perfect for singles, groups or adventurous families looking for a holiday with a difference!

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The History of

Polly Agatha

Polly Agatha was built in 2008 and is a brand new replica of the famous Bristol Pilot Cutter.

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