Trinovante’s History

Dreamed, designed and built by its owners, husband and wife team, John and Su.

Walking down the steep city streets toward the Tejo river in 1983, John Shores witnessed the beautiful sight of Portuguese Schooner Creoula sailing gracefully onto her mooring. It was at this very moment that John was inspired to build a boat that would eventually become Trinovante.

Although Trinovante was certainly inspired by Creoula she is not in any sense a copy or a miniature version of her. Her design brief was simply for a three-masted traditionally rigged schooner of less than 24m long with a maximum draught of 2.2m and a cargo hold forward. She needed to be strong, seaworthy and easy to handle by a small crew but with the ability to carry lots of sail with a stronger crew.

John then spent a year working on her design before the keel was laid and she was finally launched in 1994. Built on the banks of the River Colne in Essex her name also originates from the area and she was named after the Trinovantes, a pre-Roman Celtic tribe who lived near to where she was built.

After sailing her for pleasure for a number of years, her owners John and wife Su, begun sailing holiday aboard Trinovante in 2005 and she has now clocked over 40,000 miles. In the past few years, Trinovante has been sailing to explore the beautiful fjords and islands of Norway, competing in the Tall Ships races and sailing the coasts of Scotland.

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John and Su

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Trinovante is a unique tall ship perfect for those wanting a bespoke sailing adventure.

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Trinovante's history is as interesting as the origins of her name.

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