Trinovante’s Skippers

Designed and built by its owners and skippers John and Su, you couldn't be in safer hands.

Trinovante was designed and built by John Shores and Su Fawkes after being inspired whilst on holiday and witnessing an elegant Portuguese schooner come into the harbour.

First launched in 1994, John and Su sailed Trinovante for pleasure for a number of years before they began sailing holidays aboard in 2005 and they have now clocked over 40,000 miles.

In the past few years, John and Su have sailed Trinovante to explore the beautiful fjords and islands of Norway, competed in Tall Ships races, sailed the coasts of Scotland and love to explore the Baltic Sea. They continue to create new routes for her, never sailing her on the same route more than twice.

They obviously know the boat like the back of their hand and have designed her with comfort and space at the forefront of her layout. They love sharing their boat with guests and making them feel part of the family with Su preparing and cooking fresh meals every day. They encourage you to get involved with all aspects of boat life and they will definitely leave you longing to return.

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John and Su

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Trinovante is a unique tall ship perfect for those wanting a bespoke sailing adventure.

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Trinovante's history is as interesting as the origins of her name.

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