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Top Five Highlights of Sailing in Tenerife

Twister sailing in the Canary Islands

Sailing holidays in Tenerife are truly magical. Boasting outstanding wildlife, warm sunshine and constant trade winds, it’s little wonder that the Canary Islands entice sailors each year. Below we list our top five highlights of sailing here;

Whale and Wildlife Watching

The waters between Tenerife and La Gomera are home to resident Pilot whales and the area has been officially designated a Whale Heritage Site – the first in Europe. Sailing here allows us to peacefully navigate alongside these beautiful mammals, doing our utmost to ensure we do not disturb their natural habitat or behaviour. As we sail through these azure blue waters, keep eyes out for playful Bottlenose dolphins who love to dance in the waves around the bowsprit. Lucky sailors may even be treated to sightings of Sperm whales, Brydes whales, the acrobatic Spinner dolphins as well as turtles and manta rays!

Visit La Gomera

This second smallest Canary Island is utterly beautiful and untouched by mass tourism. No high rise hotels and apartments here, just lush green mountainsides, tropical rainforests, quaint harbours lined with tempting tavernas and surrounded by crystal clear waters. Snorkel in phosphorescence filled waters, dive down to coral reefs, hike through rainforests and dine on some of the freshest seafood you will ever eat, the magic of La Gomera never fails to disappoint. An added bonus to arrive via a classic schooner and anchor off the sheltered coves with their impressive rock formations.

A Sky Full of Stars

The Canary Islands are perfectly placed under some of the clearest skies in Europe and are recognised internationally for their exceptional stargazing conditions – there is even an IAC observatory set up on Tenerife to study the stars. Added to this, sailing on Twister provides the opportunity to further escape the already low light pollution and lying on her deck under the clear night sky is an utterly wonderous experience. Gazing up makes our world feel so small as the night sky twinkles and dances above.

Fabulous Sea Food

For us, amazing food is very much part of our holiday experience and sailing in the Canaries is no exception. The Spanish heritage of these islands shines through in much of the cuisine whilst waterside restaurants bustle with diners, drawn by the delicious scents of garlic and seafood. On board Twister, your crew will serve freshly made meals, inspired by the islands and using freshly sourced local produce, including straight off the boat seafood. And after a day full of fresh sea air, there is no better sight than a table full of steaming hot tasty dishes.

Warm Weather

Lying just off the coast of North Africa, the Canary Islands experience year-round warmth, with temperatures rarely dropping below 18 degrees. For many of us British, there is no better feeling than arriving to warm sunshine, having escaped the dark UK winter. Out at sea, even the ever-present trade winds blow comfortably, a welcome accompaniment to the heat of the sun. This constantly pleasant sub-tropical climate is lovely to be out at sea in and one of the many reasons sailing in the Canary Islands remains so popular.

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When Is The Best Time For A Sailing Holiday In The Canaries?

Twister from afar sailing in the canary islands

If you have been considering a sailing holiday to the Canaries, aboard a luxury yacht charter then weighing up the best time to sail is a great place to start. With its consistently high year-round temperatures and limited rainfall, June, July and August offer an average of 9 – 10 hours of sunshine a day. 

Warm weather island hopping on a chartered yacht

Between them, the seven islands of the Canaries provide a surplus of destinations, each bringing their own traditional nautical culture, climate and appeal to the sailing experience, making the Canaries a popular choice for seafaring visitors. 

Best time to sail to Lanzarote

Boasting some of the finest beaches in the archipelago, Lanzarote is a popular choice for visiting mariners with its many marinas and excellent anchoring. Its two mountain ranges disrupt the flow of north easterlies, meaning that most of the rain falls before it reaches the west and southern regions of the island, making these areas arid and less windy. Lanzarote’s proximity to the Sahara and Morocco makes it the hottest of all the Canaries, and an ideal year-round sailing destination.

Best time to sail to Tenerife

Tenerife enjoys relatively consistent weather and predictable temperatures thanks to the northeasterly winds that hit its shores from the Atlantic.

Dormant volcano Mount Teide divides the island into two distinctive halves, the north subject to a slightly wetter, cooler climate than the south due to the cloud cover. With more tourists seeking sunshine, the south coast is typically busier and also less windy.

Best time to sail to La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma

The most Western of the Canary Islands, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma are typically lush and a contrast to the drier landscape found on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. You can sail all year round in this region.

Best time to sail to Fuerteventura

The island of Fuerteventura’s northern coast is sheltered by the weather in Lanzarote, fewer than 10 miles to the north. While the northern coasts of the Canary Islands are generally where the rain falls, much of Fuerteventura is used up by Lanzarote. What there is of it falls mostly in the months of December and January. 

Best time to sail to Gran Canaria

Despite being in the Atlantic, the island of Gran Canaria sees minimal annual rainfall. Summer sees the ‘calima’ drive up temperatures as it travels over the Sahara. Cooled by a pretty constant, refreshing breeze, it makes for a pleasant summer sailing destination with its warm winds.

Best time to sail to La Graciosa

A short sail across the water from Lanzarote, La Graciosa is a UNESCO marine reserve. With only 700 inhabitants, here you can arrive at beautiful secluded beaches with little influx of visitors.

Best time to sail to La Gomera

Steeped in history, La Gomera is typically quiet and green. Columbus set sail from the island back in 1942 on his way to discover the New World. Known as the ‘most Canarian’ of the islands, it offers a warm and friendly welcome and is teaming with wildlife.

Which of the Canaries is your favourite? 

Why limit yourself to one, when you can get a taste for them all when you book a sailing holiday in the Canary Islands. All seven Canary Islands are within an easy distance of each one another, so you can experience many of them all within a single sailing holiday.