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Sailing South – Passage to Cornwall

  • Vessel: Bessie Ellen
  • Where: Scotland
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Embark: Oban - 31 August 2019, 15:00
  • Disembark: Newlyn - 9 September 2019, 10:00
Single Berth£980 £245

As the evenings draw in, this is Bessie’s cue to head back south, down the north channel, passing the Clyde and onward to the dramatic Cornish coast.

For those aiming to get away from it all and experience a working passage aboard a traditional vessel, then this is a wonderful opportunity to take the chance to do something really different. You will help the crew stand watches, carry out logbook duties and help with traditional skilled maintenance – even baking the bread. Each watch is 4 hours long with 8 hours rest in between – this includes night watches.

Leaving the lovely port of Oban, Scotland, Bessie Ellen will sail down toward the North coast of Ireland, bearing South East towards the Isle Of Man. This stretch of sea and coastline provides a stunning backdrop to start your voyage and you will come to rest at the harbour in Peel in the Isle of Man. Peel Harbour is an ideal first stop and where our chef heads out to stock up on traditionally cured kippers, which have been produced in Peel since the 19th Century.

As the Isle of Man slips astern you will head south towards St George’s Channel, past the imposing mountains of Mourne Islay (pronounced ‘eye-la’), one of skipper Nikki’s favourite locations. Historically, the island served as the meeting place for Scottish clan leaders but it is now a paradise for whisky lovers, boasting an amazing eight distilleries. Each is nestled on the shores around the island and offers the chance to sample some of the finest malt whiskies in the world.

Sailing down through the St. George’s Channel offers the chance to take the night watch and sail under the stars, enjoying the sense of peace as the ship settles down for the evening. Depending on the weather and tides, of course, the route is changeable but usually sees Bessie keeping close to the Irish shores, to visit Port Oriel, Howth or Wicklow, with the final longer passage across the Celtic Sea towards Cornwall.

In the closing stages of the voyage, Bessie will endeavour to call in at St Mary’s, on the gorgeous Isles of Scilly, before setting the final course for home, passing the infamous Wolf Rock Lighthouse and Lands End before reaching the final port of Newlyn, a tiny but quaint Cornish fishing village. A perfect end to an amazing passage on a historic Tallship.


VoyageSet SailDaysCost p/p
Sailing South – Passage to Cornwall31 August 201910£980Enquire now

Bessie Ellen offers quality sailing holidays on board a classic tall ship with over 100 years of history, and is now one of the last West Country trading ketches.

This ship worked through both world wars during the last era of wind-powered trade, when ships like Bessie were seen all over England. She is featured on the National Historic Ships Register, which identifies her as a historic vessel that needs to be conserved.

Now, her working life is very different, and she spends her days cruising around British and Spanish waters, offering sailing holidays. With an experienced and hospitable crew, Bessie Ellen provides her guests with a comfortable and authentic tall ship experience. Skipper Nikki occasionally nods back to Bessie’s past by loading her up with cargo for ocean passages, transporting beer from Harbour Brewery and making the most out of the emission free transport that Bessie offers.

Sail with Bessie Ellen and Nikki, around Cornwall, the Hebrides, St. Kilda and the Canary Islands, and not only enjoy sailing aboard a tall ship, but experience unique coastlines, abundant wildlife, and excellent food. While enjoying all of this you will also be able to feel smug about having such an environmentally friendly holiday, as Nikki tries to be as green as possible in every aspect of her journeys – everything down to providing guests with toiletries that are microbead free, and so don’t harm the marine life.

Choose from weekend breaks, weeklong trips, or 10 day explorations for a truly unforgettable holiday.

  • Total number of berths : 20
  • Guest berths : 12
  • Day trips in sheltered waters : 60 (maximum)
  • Day trips offshore : 12
  • Reception/party on deck : 90
  • Luxury dinner in saloon : 32
  • Buffet in saloon : 40 (maximum)
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From: Oban

To: Newlyn