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Canary Island Adventures at New Year

  • Vessel: Linden
  • Port: San Miguel Marina, Tenerife
  • Where: The Canaries
  • Departure: 29 December 2018, 15:00
  • Arrival: 4 January 2019, 10:00
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Cruising
  • Wildlife
  • Winter sun
Single berth £940 £235

Enjoy the festive season as Linden explores the remote side of the Canary Islands. From the tropical rainforests on La Gomera to the volcano on La Palma with its slopes swathed in Canary Pine, this is winter sun like nothing else.

This Christmas and New Year, Linden is out basking in the Canary Island sun. Enjoy a Christmas like no other, and swap rain for sunshine and turkey for tapas. The Canary Islands are a wonderful sailing area with constant steady trade winds blowing, making for great passages between the islands of Tenerife, La Palma and La Gomera. Away from the hectic tourist centres, Linden and her crew will show you a wilder side to this extraordinary archipelago, from walking high snow capped mountain peaks to snorkelling with Manta Rays and phosphorescence in the warm waters of Gomera – there is something for everyone. The spectacular wildlife is of course a highlight, but the culture and cuisine is just as delightful, and the chance to discover all this with the magnificent Linden as your base is unmissable.

One of the best parts of sailing in the Canaries is the guaranteed sightings and close quarter viewing of Pilot whales that live close in shore on the 500m contour line.Every week we pass through the area and often these wonderful creatures come to the ship to say hello. A large group of Bottlenose dolphin also can be seen in the area. You can sit out on the bowsprit and watch them surf the bow wave through glassy seas.

Other species we have seen in other years are Sperm Whale, Brydes whale, Spinner dolphin and Atlantic Spotted dolphin. However, depending on the food supply, many more whales visit the area each year and are easily viewed from the ship.

No fixed itinerary for your sailing holiday.

Normally Linden will set sail the first evening on a short sail down the coast to anchor off the beach at Los Christians. The following morning, up with the larks to sail 72 Nm to La Isla Bonita, La Palma.

La Palma, the most western isle

Depending on the weather your destination will be Tazacorte, an old fishing port, now a marina and situated on the sun drenched slopes, just perfect for a swim and sundowner. or stroll through the ancient town of Santa Cruz de La Palma, a true gem of typical Canary architecture, whitewashed houses with carved balconies, cool streets and old tapas bars serving local cheeses and wines.

The following day is a shore day, you will be offered a self-drive mini van for your group, so bring a drivers license, and take off up to the Caldera. The steep climbing road takes us through banana plantations, vineyards and old farmsteads before reaching  the narrow mountain roads that wind up above the clouds breaking out at the very top of the world. On reaching the summit you’ll set off on foot around the top edge of Taburiente passing the highest peak of El Roche de Los Muchachos and an easy walk of 2 hours takes in the sheer inner walls of this incredible volcano. Here you will also find the biggest stellar observatory, second in size to Hawaii and the biggest optical telescope in the world. La Palma has now received status as a world star gazing park and is set on reducing light pollution so we can enjoy the millions of stars as night falls.

Romantic Gomera

Returning home as dusk falls to a typical Canary meal that Dennis has prepared for you on board. Next morning, you’ll get your sea legs back and set all sail for La Gomera along with the flying fish, coming to anchor in Valle Gran Rey. The steep red cliffs warm the water for an early evening swim before we dine under the stars. As the sun lifts her head above the ocean, take an early morning dip before joining a crew member to walk the rivers and valleys of Gomera. If you wish to stay aboard, set sails and head to Santiago where Linden will meet with the walking party for Dorado beer and sunflower seeds, watching the world go by in this local town. Life here is at a slow pace, snorkelling and swimming, walking the quay and chatting with the fishermen bringing home their catch of tuna.

Wonderful wildlife

On your last sailing day it will be time to head back to Tenerife. Today, keep a sharp look out for whales as today is where the ship will pass their feeding grounds. Pilot whales, gentle creatures who love boats, will accompany Linden and you’ll be able to watch them at close quarters, feeding or sleeping in a logging formation and are the very gentlest of all whales.  We operate a “Whales come to us” policy as not to disturb their natural habitat, but if they do come close,  we can move slowly under sail to get the best view so get the cameras ready as it is truly amazing to watch them at close quarters. With the last night on board, under the turning sky, the sun sets behind Teide, velvet night falls and the ship is quiet before she heads for her berth in the morning.

Regular contact with our whale and dolphin guide will let us know what is in the islands that week. Not only the marine life is worth seeing but also the rain forest on Gomera, the ancient pine forest that clads La Palma and the great Caldera is on the list to visit.  Birds, butterflies and other wonders are all there to be explored.


VoyageSet SailDaysCost p/p
The Best of The Canary Archipelago at Christmas22 December 20187From £940Enquire now
Canary Island Adventures at New Year29 December 20187From £940Enquire now

Linden was built in Mariehamn, in the Åland Islands – an autonomous archipelago off the west coast of Finland. This magnificent white sail schooner was a joint venture between residents of the Åland Islands, the Finnish government and established ship owners in an attempt to create a vessel that was a worthy representation of the traditional maritime culture of the islands. Because of this, Linden was built in pine – how the Åland and Finnish traditionally built their ships. In order to meet modern standards, the DNV required that a reinforced steel superstructure was put inside the hull, with watertight bulkheads to meet the safety requirements for passenger vessels.

Until 2006, Linden sailed the Baltic Sea, proudly representing Åland, before being sold to a restaurant in Helsinki that turned her into a day cruiser, where she barely left Helsinki harbour. Now fully restored she was bought by her current owners in 2017 to offer sustainable charter, environmental experiences and cargo transport, working with local businesses and enterprises to ensure efficiency. Today, she sails her guests up to the Artic during summer months, sailing around Svalbard Norwary, slicing through the water and inbetween the ice in order to give her passengers the chance to experience the artic via sail, ski and hike this remote archipelago near the North Pole. Life under sail in this remarkable location gives guests the chance to witness polar bear, artic foxes and reindeer with carfeul consideration to this fragile environment.

During the winter months, Linden heads for the sunnier climes of the Canary Islands. With Tenerife as her base, Linden’s winter sun sailing schedule offers trips to the harder to reach islands of La Gomera and La Palma with plenty wildlife spotting on the way of pilot whales, hawksbill turtles and Manta Rays.

Take a look at this beautiful white sail tall ship.


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  • Total number of berths : 35
  • Guest berths : 12
  • Number of bathrooms : 10
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From: San Miguel Marina, Tenerife

To: San Miguel Marina, Tenerife