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France Sailing Schedule

Smuggler Run Sailing with Grayhound

Sail along on this epic channel crossing delivering cargo to France/UK in the most ecological way possible. All hands on deck!
  • Vessel: Grayhound
  • Where: Cornwall\France
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Date: 18 May 2022

Private Charter Sailing to France; Festival Temps Fête

Explore the Breton coast to celebrate the Festival Temps Fête in Douarnenez with a whole boat charter on Unity.
  • Vessel: Unity
  • Where: Cornwall
  • Duration: 9 days
  • Date: 12 July 2022

Sailing & Exploring the coast of Brittany

Join Cornish Lugger Grayhound in Penzance as she crosses the Channel to explore the coast of Brittany, France.
  • Vessel: Grayhound
  • Where: Cornwall
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Date: 30 July 2022

Sailing the Bay of Biscay

Sail the Bay of Biscay with modern yacht Cherokee from La Coruna to Brest.
  • Vessel: Cherokee
  • Where: Bay of Biscay
  • Duration: 9 days
  • Date: 31 August 2022

Sailing the French Coast

Sail the beautiful rugged coastline of northern Brittany from Brest to St Malo on yacht Cherokee.
  • Vessel: Cherokee
  • Where: France
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Date: 11 September 2022

Sailing the French Coast & Channel Islands

Explore the North coast of France and the Channel Islands under sail with comfy yacht Cherokee
  • Vessel: Cherokee
  • Where: France/Channel Islands
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Date: 23 September 2022

Normandy D-Day Cruise & Stay

Explore the French coastal region of Normandy under sail with Pilgrim of Brixham.
  • Vessel: Pilgrim of Brixham
  • Where: Devon
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Date: 30 September 2022


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