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The Mediterranean

Explore the sunny mediterranean waters, letting our boats take you to remote anchorages away from the tourist hustle and bustle.

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The Mediterranean Sea is bordered by countries such as Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Malta. This part of the world is not only home to crystal clear waters and sandy beaches but is also oozing in rich culture and ancient history. The nature of its geographical location makes for the perfect sailing winds.


The Croatian coastline is home to thousands of islands and inlets which are still mostly uninhabited and range from barren lands to islands rich in greenery, protected by National Park status.

Walk through quaint harbour towns with streets lined with beautifully maintained Romanesque and Renaissance buildings and Venetian architecture, basking in sunshine and history. The coastal town of Pula is home to the best-preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy and its impressive Venetian architecture is a sight not to be missed. Home to the last Roman amphitheatre with a complete circle wall (27 BC-68 AD), it’s one of the last of its type in the world and is one of Croatia’s best kept architectural secrets.

MED coast

Italy & Malta

As with all the coastlines of the Mediterranean, the waters are crystal clear and are perfect for snorkelling and diving. The beaches are mostly white sand with some nearer the Volcanoes are shimmering silver in colour. Marine life in these waters is rife; expect to see common dolphins swimming in the bows, whales gliding on the horizon and turtles bobbing in the surf.

Star-studded skies

Perhaps one of the best parts of staying on a yacht in the Med is the still evenings, where the peaceful little coves become an astronomer’s dream. The star-studded sky seems infinite from the deck, where you can lie for as long as you like; observing comets, shooting stars, and the silvery moon, which often lights a shimmering path across the darkened waters.

All the ships in our fleet are very comfortable, offering you everything you need throughout your time onboard. The crew endeavour to source local delicacies where possible, you’ll often see the chef leap offshore as soon as the sails are down in search of the evenings treat!

Sailing in the Mediterranean



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