Sustainable Sailing Holidays

Our sailing experiences prioritise low-impact travel, harnessing the power of the wind. An ideal choice for conscientious travellers seeking to explore their desired destinations in a more sustainable way.

Why choose a sustainable sailing holiday?

Joining one of our sailing vessels has the added benefit of being largely emission-free, with all our vessels operating under sail as much as possible. Our skippers are true mariners and avoid turning the ships engines on unless they really have to! This means guests can cover many miles using just the power of the wind.

Our small ships, carrying fewer than 26 passengers, create considerably less disruption to local communities and the natural environment. This is particularly true in destinations such as the Caribbean and Svalbard, where small sailing vessels are the only way to truly experience the beauty of these regions sustainably. Recognising the importance of preserving and safeguarding the delicate landscapes, habitats, and waters we sail through, we remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainable travel. We have a Eco-tourism pledge in place, and we undertake numerous initiatives to ensure the lowest possible impact on the environment, including planting a tree for every holiday booking made.

Our eco-tourism pledge

Life on board a sustainable sailing holiday 

As our vessels operate with small guest numbers, they are able to easily source local produce along the way having formed strong relationships with various suppliers over the years. Guests will regularly see the onboard chefs buying fish or lobster straight off the local fishing boats as they come alongside – from sea to boat to plate in less than a day. On occasion, nearby farms will even drop off eggs, milk, and meats at the dock, enabling our onboard chefs to whip up mouthwatering meals and delectable treats. Our crews offer exceptional food choices while minimising waste and supporting local economies where possible. 

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the galley. We prioritise the use of sustainable products on board, and we encourage all our guests to bring reef-safe sunscreen and toiletries, further protecting the marine environment we cherish. Each of our skippers is a passionate advocate for the environment, eager to engage in conversations with guests about impactful changes they can make in their own lives to continue their low-carbon mission even after their journey with us has concluded.
At VentureSail Holidays, we believe that sustainable travel isn’t just a choice; it’s a responsibility. Join us on a sailing adventure to explore the world, whilst also leaving a positive impact on the planet we call home.

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