Our fleet

With classic sailing boats of all sizes and each with a unique history and construction, there is no shortage of choice for your holiday at sea.

ATYLA 2017 atlantic crossing


  • Rig: Two Masted Topsail Schooner
  • Guest berths: 16

Atyla is a 1984 31-meter long wooden Spanish sailing ship providing adventures all over Europe.

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Bessie Ellen

  • Rig: Gaff Rigged Ketch
  • Guest berths: 12

Built in 1904 Bessie Ellen is one of Britain’s last wooden coasting ketches and is of historic significance.

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Eye of the Wind anchored in the Caribbean

Eye of the Wind

  • Rig: Brig
  • Guest berths: 16

Over 100 years old and one of the last traditional tall ships of our time, Eye of the Wind sails all over the world’s oceans.

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Johanna Lucretia

  • Rig: Two Masted Topsail Schooner
  • Guest berths: 10

This topsail schooner, Johanna Lucretia offers passengers the thrill of sailing on a traditional wooden ship around the Westcountry.

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Linden full sail norway


  • Rig: 3 Masted Schooner
  • Guest berths: 12

Replica of the 1920 Linden, this Finnish ship, complete with on-board sauna, will take you on an arctic adventure.

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Zuza from a distance on a grey day


  • Rig: Bermudan Cutter
  • Guest berths: 8

This modern yacht is a little different to the rest our fleet, and is perfect for those who just want to kick back, relax and spot wildlife.

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  • “I thoroughly enjoyed reliving my youth onboard Bessie Ellen. We came from Cornwall to Oban on this beautiful ship with Skipper Nikki and her brilliant crew. Great hands on sailing, relaxed atmosphere and fabulous food. A true get away.”

    – Kate Smith, Bessie Ellen Guest

  • “I’ve never sailed before, but if this is sailing, then I’m addicted. So, it seems, is everyone else: 85% of the Bessie Ellen’s guests return for further sailing adventures.”

    – Hazel Southam, writing for The Guardian

  • “Having never set foot on a working tall ship, I had no idea what to expect aside from what I had seen in films. The reality is so much better. I would recommend anyone who loves the sea to try this.”

    – Chris Baker, Muddy Stilettos Cornwall

  • “This was the Canaries of riding anchor in moonlit bays...., of swimming with turtles and and admiring pilot whales beneath our bows.”

    – Andrew Eames, writing for The Times

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