We advise that our guests have the correct travel insurance policies in place. Please read the information below to understand the different insurance policies available.


Before you set off to meet your vessel, please ensure you have the correct travel insurance in place and are adequately covered. The first step is to make sure you have a general travel insurance cover in place at the time of booking. This type of policy will cover you if you need to cancel the trip at any time (due to illness etc) before you are due to sail and may enable you to claim your monies back. This policy may also be able to be extended to include the following information below. 


Whilst onboard you may need to have the appropriate insurance that covers personal accident. Sometimes this can be worded as an “active sports package/sailing/yachting holiday” with insurers. (Please make sure any policy you buy includes this option/or check your existing cover to see if it is included or can be added to your policy).

The next step is to consider whether your voyage is sailing 12 nautical miles or more offshore or is just sailing within 12 nautical miles from land/coastal waters. Please note that all voyages on Chronos, Kairos and Rhea do not require additional personal accident cover, but do require health insurance in case of sickness. 

  • If you are sailing more than 12 nautical miles offshore, for UK residents, we recommend TopSail Marine Insurance which offers a comprehensive policy for sailors.  This can be bought on an annual or single voyage basis and will cover you for up to and more than 12 nautical miles from land. Quotes may differ depending on the age of the passengers and the location of your sailing trip.
  • For non-UK residents, we recommend World Nomads.
  • If you are sailing within 12 nautical miles from land/coastal waters and have an existing travel insurance it is worth checking to see if an active sports package/sailing holiday package can be added to your policy. Please always double-check the terms of your travel insurance provider to ensure that coastal sailing within 12miles of shore is included. We recommend Sports Cover Direct or World Nomads voyages that are sailing within 12 nautical miles from land/coastal waters.

For German customers, it is likely that you will be covered by your Private Health Insurance provider for any personal accident affecting travel before the trip. This does not mean that you will be covered appropriately while sailing, so please always check with your travel or health insurance provider.

If you would like to discuss insurance needs for your venture in more detail, please contact us.