Do a little or a lot

You'd be forgiven for thinking that a sailing holiday requires a decent level of sailing knowledge from the passengers, however this is most certainly not the case - not on board our vessels anyway.

A sailing holiday on board a traditional tall ship provides many with an opportunity to get hands on. It’s a great way to develop your sailing knowledge, whether you’re a seasoned sea-farer or a land-loving novice. The crew will encourage guests to get involved with the hauling of sails and you will have the opportunity to take the helm of the vessel too, if you feel comfortable doing so.

However, if you’re looking to simply take some time out and relax on the sea, then this too is actively promoted. Bring along a book and lose yourself in its pages or lie back and soak up the stunning views, keeping keen eyes peeled for wildlife.

But remember, the choice is yours – it’s your holiday after all!