Sailing Holidays in Sweden

From picturesque lakes to meandering canals and with over 200,000 islands surrounding her coast, there is no better way to explore Sweden that by boat.

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The sailing season in Sweden is one of almost constant daylight with darkness falling for only 3 hours in high summer. So with the coast made up of tens of thousands of islands, there are plenty of hours to discover and explore this beautiful part of Scandinavia.

Islands, Lakes and Skerries

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has some 24,00 islands surrounding its coast with the city itself sprawling across 14. There really is no better way than to explore this countries coastline than by boat. Its thousands of islands seem to float like fairy castles and pink granite boulders topped with tall pines provide a perfect mooring, to lie on hot rocks before diving into clear sparkling waters.

Sweden Stockholm

On the Eastern shore, vast and ancient pine forests stretch as far as the eye can see, reaching the water’s edge with mile after mile of white sandy beaches. Wander barefoot and marvel at the peace and quiet perhaps while searching for precious amber. Rugged Gotland, once a mighty stronghold in the vast Viking empire commands a central location within the Baltic, a perfect place to drop in by sail.

From Viking settlements to bustling harbour towns on islands such as Marstrand showing off Sweden’s best design culture to remote islands such as Koster, a designated National Marine Park, Sweden certainly has something for everyone.

Our fully catered sailing holidays in Sweden also make best of the Swedish waters with the West coast fast becoming famous for it fabulously fresh lobster, oysters and prawns. Our skippers also love guests to try the local delicacies from Smörgåsbord with pickled herring to Salmon and fresh crayfish.

Solitude in the Sauna

A sense of space, solitude and freedom is a running theme as you sail the Swedish coast, with the country having one of the lowest population densities on the planet. Where else can you anchor up at a remote island home to a deserted public sauna with wood ready and waiting to be lit? The Swedes even have their very own map of all the public sauna locations across the country!

Whether you sail with Bessie Ellen to explore the South coast along with Denmark and Norway or you sail with windjammer Eye of the Wind to explore the East and West Coast’s, this beautiful country will leave you longing to return.

Sailing Holidays in Sweden



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