Sailing Holidays to the Faroe Islands

Situated in the far north Atlantic, 200 miles north of Scotland, these wild and windswept volcanic islands are one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

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Often referred to as ‘little Iceland’, the Faroes possess magic and charm of their own, completely unspoilt and untamed. The weather is notoriously interchangeable, the landscape dramatically eye-catching and the nesting seabird colonies are the densest in the world.

It is no wonder that this remote cluster of isles is a draw for hikers and birders worldwide and exploring them by boat remains the best way to discover otherwise inaccessible beauty spots.

Natural erosion in the area has resulted in startlingly beautiful deep sounds between the islands, many providing shelters from the rolling Atlantic swell and fantasy-like landscapes where you can sail even in bad weather.

Faroe Islands


The dramatically high cliffs are home to the densest population of nesting seabirds in the world. Sailing as close as we can safely get, guests are able to observe the volcanic cliffs, which rise up to 800m above the churning Atlantic, where seabirds teeter precariously before plummeting down into the deep dark waters. Keen eyes may even sight whales, including the gigantic blue whale, as well as walruses, seals and dolphins.

Whilst most of your time will be spent at sea, there will time to explore ashore and maybe even catch a bus to the stunning waterfall of Gasadalur. As they are located so far north, the Faroe Islands experience very few ‘dark’ hours which means there is plenty of time to explore, relax and soak up this fascinating culture.

Sailing holidays in the Faroe Islands

Sailing Expedition from Iceland to the Faroe Islands & Hebrides

Sail from the Arctic shores of Iceland to the Faroe Islands before finishing on West coast of Scotland with expedition vessel Valiente.
  • Date: 4 September 2022
  • Vessel: Valiente
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Where: Isafjordur, Iceland


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