Medical form

We need to know a bit about your health — so that you enjoy your experience and are not a risk to yourself or your voyage companions while on board!

Each customer must fill out this form as bookings cannot be confirmed until all forms are returned. For bookings of more than one person it is the responsibility of the Lead Customer to ensure all customers in the party complete the form. You are legally required to answer all questions accurately and honestly.

If you have a disability, or want to discuss the suitability of a VentureSail holiday for any other health reason, please contact us for advice.

About you
  1. Date of birth:
Section 1: Fitness to voyage

Voyages with VentureSail should be a pleasure, however the sea is a natural and unpredictable environment. We regret that there are some conditions that, even if ‘under control’ on dry land, can become critical at sea and threaten the safety of the individual or the vessel. If you answer “Yes” to any questions in Section 1 we may, regrettably, not be able to accept your booking on certain vessels. All such decisions are final and we will of course explain why we have made the decision.

Section 2: Further questions

These are other conditions that must be disclosed to us at the time of booking. For certain vessels and voyages accepting your booking may be at the discretion of the owner or skipper of the vessel. In relation to any condition additional information may be required from your doctor.

Section 3: Medication

Please tell us about any medication you are taking now, or expect to be taking at the time of your voyage. Please note we may need to request additional information from your doctor.

    1. You must bring all medication with you including extras in case of delay or loss, as well clear written instructions on dosages and how the medication should be taken. Your skipper must be make aware of all medication brought on board, whether ‘prescription’ or otherwise.
Data security

We need information about your health and medical conditions, some of which may be personal, for important safety reasons. Information will not be shared with any other organisations except the owners or managers of the vessel on which you will be sailing. All health and medical information given to VentureSail will be used in strict confidence, will be stored securely, and will be destroyed within 3 years of the end of your voyage.


I confirm that the information given is accurate and complete, and I understand that:

  1. Some medical conditions may make a sailing holiday inadvisable and that my booking may be refused.
  2. VentureSail must be made aware immediately, and prior to joining the vessel, of any changes to my medical conditions.
  3. The skipper or owner of the vessel has the right to refuse to accept me on the voyage if not fully satisfied about any matters regarding health or safety.
  4. If I fail to disclose any information I am fully liable for any cost and expense that falls due, in relation to but not limited to; being put ashore, transferred to another vessel, associated travel costs, delays to the voyage schedule, or repatriation.