Visit the Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary on an Indonesian Sailing Holiday

08 December | 4 min read
Indonesia Borneo Orangutan

The shy and elusive orangutan is an ape native to the forests of Borneo and Sumatra. Once widespread throughout south west Asia and China, these beautiful apes are now critically endangered. Their recovery and survival is in our hands with several non-profit organisations striving to turn things around, including the Borneo Orangutan Survival Centre (BOS) working to rehabilitate displaced or injured orangutans back into the wild. VentureSail guests are now able to visit this Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary, experiencing these gentle apes first hand whilst learning why protecting them is so very vital.

Why are orangutans important?

Known as the gardeners of the forest, orangutans are incredible seed dispersers holding the fate of numerous plant and tree species in their human-like hands. If orangutans were to become extinct, these other species would also die with them, which in turn would impact other animals living in the forest. It is a simple domino effect with orangutans right at the start. They have a very low reproductive rate which makes them highly vulnerable, females tend to give birth every 3-5 years which means orangutans suffer greatly when their population declines. Sadly, thanks to human pressure, this is the case and it is absolutely essential to raise awareness about their plight.

Why are orangutans endangered?

Orangutans live in the forests of Asia, areas which are ripe with illegal logging for crops such as palm oil as well as other agricultural plantations. This loss of habitat through deforestation has seen 80% of their natural habitat wiped out over the last 30 years. Orangutans are very slow moving which sadly makes them an easy target for humans whilst hindering them in escaping the chainsaw massacre of their home. 

What is the Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary?

Thankfully there are several places of refuge for orangutans across Sumatra and Borneo, each able to rehabilitate orangutans back into the wild, offering a safe protected forest space for them whilst inviting tourists to visit, learn and leave determined to bring about change. During our Indonesian Orangutans of Borneo and Dragons of Komodo voyages, guests are able to experience this for themselves. These voyages begin with a transfer to the village of Sei Gohong from where we board canoes across to the island of Pulau Kaha. The entire island is managed by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) and after some time spent observing these gentle creatures, we transfer to their education centre. Here there is the chance to discover what BOS are doing, their aims and activities in trying to restore as well as protect these peaceful forest giants. We hope you leave inspired, uplifted and keen to support their conservation efforts. 

How can I visit the Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary with VentureSail?

We are delighted to have several Indonesian sailing holidays which include a visit to the Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary. Join luxury wooden vessels Ombak Putih or Katharina as they invite you on a journey full of wildlife and wonder.
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