Greenland holidays Under Sail

13 June | 4 min read
Greenland Disko Bay

A country of majestic fjords, towering mountains and impressive glaciers, Greenland is fast becoming a must-see destination for the adventurous traveller. This rise in popularity of Greenland holidays has opened up travel to this arctic land with sailing the ultimate way to explore.

Why sailing is the best way to have a Greenland holiday

Despite its name, Greenland is actually predominantly a land of vast tundras and huge glaciers. The world’s largest island, Greenland is surrounded by nutrient-rich waters. These waters lure an astonishing array of marine life which are best seen from the deck of a boat. Lucky travellers may spot with multiple whale species including minke, humpback, fin, sperm, beluga and blue. The mystical-looking narwhal is also resident to the coastline here, making for incredible wildlife-watching memories. 

Aside from teeming with whales, Greenland is also home to polar bears, walrus, musk oxen and reindeer. These magnificent species enjoy the freedom to roam in Greenland National Park – the world’s largest. Whilst the landscape here may pose geographical challenges to humans, it doesn’t to animals and the result is a thriving ecosystem which is only exposed to a handful of visitors. Travelling under sail is undoubtedly the best way to experience the wildlife here. Our small boats can reach areas inaccessible to larger boats, with guests stepping ashore far from any road network. 

Any guest visiting is advised that the Arctic is a vulnerable area under increasing pressure so we ensure that every care is taken with the environment. Our smaller boats offer less impactful Greenland holidays than larger boats or cruise ships, leaving nothing in our wake. Sailing across deep fjords dotted with icebergs is an experience to behold, travelling in silence with no motors running is truly unforgettable, taking in the surreal landscapes as we glide along. 

Experience Inuit culture with our Greenland holidays

The Inuit culture is embedded in Greenland’s roots. Their language – Kalaallisut – is the country’s official one with Inuit traditions shaping the cultural heritage. Despite the extreme arctic conditions in Greenland, the Inuits thrived, hunting for whales and seals using dog sleds and kayaks to venture into far-flung areas. 

Greenland holidays under sail provide the chance to visit these remote communities, and learn how people carved a life in this arctic tundra. Travelling by boat also emphasises the rugged, vast wilderness of Greenland, allowing guests to connect with nature.

Why Greenland holidays are so special

Joining our Greenland holidays offers unforgettable experiences and those who choose these polar ventures will be spellbound. With expert skippers at the helm, you will be in safe hands as we explore rugged coastlines and icy fjords. 

The south and west coasts of Greenland is where we spend much of our time, visiting Inuit settlements who forged communities in this unforgiving environment. Crossing the Arctic Circle, experience Ilulissat, Greenland’s third-largest town on the shores of Disko Bay. A UNESCO-protected ice fjord, spend some time here climbing the various trails which offer jaw-dropping views across the ice. We also highly recommend taking the chance to join a dog sled excursion – Ilulissat is home to thousands of dogs who are all used for sledding and always keen to take visitors out for a spin!

Whether you’re ready for an adventure, keen to travel to somewhere totally different or want to experience incredible wildlife watching, Greenland holidays under sail have it all. The climate and environment may be challenging, but travelling with us on board our expedition boats will keep you warm as you traverse this astonishingly magnificent country.