A Guide to a Sailing in Grenada

31 January | 9 min read
St George's Harbour, Grenada, Caribbean

A small Caribbean island nation notable for breathtaking beaches, pristine white sand, and dazzling turquoise waters, harbouring some of the world’s best underwater marine life. A sailing holiday is undoubtedly the best way to experience Grenada, spending each day visiting new anchorages and discovering new delights. 

Grenada is often the starting point of our sailing voyages in the Windward Islands and is made up of three islands. The main island being Grenada, and the two smaller islands of Petit Martinique and Carriacou. Whether you choose to sail in luxury on board yacht Chronos, or explore with historic Brigantine Florette, join us to uncover the very best of a sailing holiday in Grenada.

A New Adventure Begins – St George’s Bay, Grenada.

St George's Harbour, Grenada, Caribbean

A naturally formed, horseshoe-shaped harbour, St George’s Bay has been named the Caribbean’s most picturesque anchorage, and as you arrive here to begin your skippered sailing holiday, it’s easy to see why. Spend your first night in the Caribbean at anchor here, awaking at sunrise to views of crystal clear waters surrounded by lush green vistas, punctuated by dashes of bright colour where villages nestle into the mountainsides. It provides the perfect starting point for your voyage with easy transport links, and is an excellent location to begin island exploration.

Explorations ashore – the island of Grenada.

Swim in waterfalls, wander around crater lakes, visit cocoa and spice plantations, and indulge in Grenada’s very own spiced rum. With so much to see and do on the island, having an experienced skipper and crew makes all the difference. Many of them have been sailing in the Caribbean for years and with endless local recommendations, they’ll certainly show you all the best places to visit in Grenada.

‘Spice island

Stepping ashore, you’ll quickly discover how it received this infamous moniker. A fertile landscape awaits, with a tropical climate that fosters some of the best-growing conditions for an array of sweet smelling spices. There are plenty of botanical spice gardens on the island, with Laura Spice & Herb Garden being the most notable. Our crews can help arrange a tour of any of these botanical delights to suit you.

Waterfalls Await

Another activity sure to create lifelong Caribbean memories, is a dip in a local waterfall. Grenada is famous for its waterfalls, and there are simply too many to list here! Our current favourite is Seven Sisters waterfall, located in the centre of the island. Hike through luscious jungle, dominated by bamboo forests that harbour hidden delights at every turn. You’ll soon be rewarded with an incredible sight, where natural pools and rivers congregate, forming the Seven Sisters waterfall. Dive straight in, washing your troubles away, and you’ll leave with an invigorated feeling, ready to continue your Caribbean sailing adventure.

Deserted Island Paradise – Hog Island, Grenada

Perhaps you’ll spend a day anchored at Woburn Bay, where you can hop off the boat to visit the nearby Hog Island. Uninhabited, the stretches of white sand beaches will envelop you, making it feel as if you’ve stepped straight into a dream. The perfect place to make use of the onboard water sports available on Chronos. Kayak and paddle-board around the many inlets to explore the coastline at your own pace, in harmony with nature and tranquillity.

However, if you’re lucky enough to visit the island on a Sunday evening, watch it spring to life. The Barefoot Beach Bar is a thriving hotspot for those in the know. Here you can join in the authentic Caribbean way of life, drinking, dancing and simply enjoying the local culture.

Underwater Delights – Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada

Grenada is home to some of the best snorkelling opportunities in the Caribbean, thanks to a unique underwater ecosystem. The marine life around the island is so rich it’s hard to know where to begin, with over 550 species of marine life and over 100 species of coral alone. Although there are opportunities for experiencing this in many locations around the island, our guests consistently return to tell us that the Underwater Scultpure Park in Grenada is an absolute highlight and must-see on a sailing holiday in Grenada. 

Called the 14th wonder of the natural world, slip on your snorkel fins and discover this underwater paradise. The artist Jason deCaires Taylor created the sculpture park, designing life-size sculptures depicting members of Grenadian society, including fishermen, farmers, musicians, and artists. Formed out of concrete before being placed at the bottom of the sea bed, after more than 20 years the sculptures have come to life. Bright corals in every colour imaginable have grown upon the sculptures, and thousands of fish now call the park home. An otherworldly feel will soon overcome you as you dive down beneath the surface, with an initially eerie feeling giving way to a sense of wonder and amazement as the man-made world and mother nature collaborate. A truly magical visit.

The Heart of Grenada – Carriacou

The small island of Carriacou is a must-visit on a sailing holiday in Grenada. We often anchor in the picturesque bay of Tyrell bay to start our explorations ashore. The tranquil climate and fertile soil lends itself to the production of a variety of crops such as citrus fruits and cocoa, leading to its name of ‘The heart of Grenada’. Although famous for its annual Carnival held in March, the real star of the show is the nearby Sandy Island, a favourite anchorage of all our vessels.

A Caribbean Postcard Comes to Life – Sandy Island

Anchor close to shore and step onto uninhabited Sandy island, a true Caribbean postcard experience. A long, thin island, where palm trees wave gently in the breeze sitting on bone-white strips of sand, contrasted by the deep blue Caribbean sea. Unwind as the waves gently wash ashore, bringing with them an incredible array of shells and corals that sprinkle across the beach giving it a pink hue. While away the hours here, simply unwinding on the powdery soft sand. Or snorkel just off the shore, drifting with the waves and immersing yourself amongst schools of fish and tiny corals.

Spend the evening watching the sunset paint the sky shades of the most vivid pinks and purples before an inky black sky takes over and the stars light up. With some of the lowest light pollution in the world you’ll feel as though you’re on the edge of space itself.

The Authentic, Chilled, Caribbean – Petite Martinique

After some time spent in the secluded islands of Grenada, head to Petite Martinique, where you’ll soon discover the epitome of unspoiled, authentic Caribbean island life. With a population of around 900, this is a place to wander around and chat with locals who will welcome you with open arms. A more “off-grid” island, its chill and unassuming nature will leave you forgetting the world you came from, immersing yourself in an authentic Caribbean way of life away from tourist hotspots.

Palm Beach Restaurant is a favourite of ours on the island as it has a mooring, making it easily accessible on your sailing holiday in Grenada. Unwind with tropical cocktails, and enjoy local specialties, with freshly caught fish, fried plantains, and an endless variety of local produce all being whipped up in the kitchen each day. If you relish the chance to get your hiking boots out, take a meandering hike to Piton, the highest point on the island providing incredible vistas across Petite Martinique, Carriacou, and the nearby Grenadine islands which may be next on your adventures.

Ready to set sail?

If you’re ready to start your journey to a Caribbean island paradise, continue the next leg of your adventure in our journal about St Vincent and the Grenadines. To view our full itinerary of voyages to Grenada with luxury yacht Chronos, or historic Brigantine Florette, head to our Caribbean schedule.  

*Please note that all our voyages travel with the power of the wind, therefore although certain locations and anchorages mentioned have previously been visited by our vessels, there is never a guarantee or set itinerary for any of our voyages*