Our top 5 places to visit in Denmark on a sailing holiday 

01 March | 8 min read
Copenhagen Denmark colourful houses on the Nyhavn

With over 444 islands, and 368 of them uninhabited, sailing in Denmark is undoubtedly the best way to experience the country’s hidden gems. There are countless reasons to love sailing in Denmark; the incredible soft and gentle landscape, emerald islands, rolling hills, quintessential fishing villages and fairytale castles. Not to mention over 1300 beaches in Denmark, meaning you’re never far away from white sands, secluded anchorages and hidden bays!

All our trips run within the Danish summer season, with low waves and moderate wind speeds to be expected. This temperate weather makes it an ideal sailing destination for a relaxing, skippered sailing holiday. Although it’s impossible to list all our favourite destinations in Denmark, we’ve rounded up our top 5 picks to make your Danish sailing holiday one to remember!

1. Fairytale city of Copenhagen

A must-see destination for any adventure traveller, the vibrant city of Copenhagen is where a number of our sailing holidays in Denmark begin. Meander through old narrow cobbled streets lined with colourful houses, quirky coffee shops and vintage boutiques. Be sure to visit the 17th-century street of Nyhavn – the oldest and most colourful street in the city of Copenhagen. Nyhavn is bursting with architectural delights where cafes line the leafy canal replete with old wooden sailing ships. 

Copenhagen is also home to some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the world making it a perfect stop off the boat to enjoy some world-class cuisine! As your vessel departs Copenhagen, be inspired by the world-famous sculpture of the Little Mermaid. For more than 100 years, Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale figure has been sitting on its rock at the Kastellet, a former fortress guarding the entrance to the city.


2. The Cultural delights of Bornholm

Situated east of Denmark, the island of Bornholm is known as “solskinsøen” which beautifully translates to sunshine island. The island’s landscape is unusual by Danish standards, with towering rock formations overlooking sandy beaches paired with lush green forests. A must visit destination when sailing in Denmark, Bornholm is known for its long and varied history and culture. Art lovers will enjoy the local crafts – with its artisan history, the island became the first place in Europe to become a designated World Craft Region. Once you’ve found an anchorage for the day, why not visit some of the sweet artist’s studios.  

History buffs will fall in love with the rich medieval history that permeates through the island of Bornholm. The castle ruins of Hammerhus showcase the largest medieval fortress in northern Europe, well worth a visit after a morning of sailing. The island is also home to 15 medieval churches, with four unique round churches. The island showcases the fascinating medieval history just waiting to be discovered on your holiday sailing in Denmark. 

Danish boat Aron of Svendborg sails to and from Bornholm as part of her sailing season in Denmark. 


3. Explore the maritime history of Ærø 

Part of Southern Denmark, the island of Ærø is only accessible from the water, making it the perfect place to explore on a holiday sailing in Denmark! This sweet seaport has well earned its reputation as the sailing hub of Denmark. Throughout history, the island has been home to fleets of working ships with a busy marine heritage – with many still active today.

Ærø is also home to the magical Ærøskøbing – nicknamed ‘the fairytale town’. Soak in some mythical Danish history in the best preserved 18th century town in Denmark. Unchanged for hundreds of years, guests can admire the colourful Danish architecture on a visit from the boat. 

The harbour of Marstal sits on the East coast and is home to the renowned Maritime Museum, housing over 200 model ships and exhibits from all seven seas. It’s a time capsule of local maritime history, from the very first wooden cargo ships built in Marstal quay to the advance of steam power and evolving cargo trade history. The entire curation has been done by retired seaman and their families and is still run by a team of volunteers. It’s a beautifully put together display of artefacts, photos and paintings with a large collection of Jens Erik Carl Rasmussen, a popular 19th century Danish maritime painter.

Visit Aero on our schooner Aron of Svendborg who was actually built on the harbour edge of Marstal back in 1906!


4. Enjoy star gazing on Møn

An island in South East Denmark that is best known for its sweeping stretches of white chalk cliffs named Møns Klint. The island is crowned by deep-green forest, surrounded by beautiful beaches and small secret coves. Møn is a paradise for nature lovers and has received international recognition for its unique flora and fauna. The island has in fact been designated by UNESCO as Denmark’s first Biosphere reserve.

After a busy day exploring the natural wonders ashore, spend an evening relaxing and stargazing on the boat as you experience the magic of Scandinavia’s first Dark Sky Park. This makes it officially one of the best places in Denmark to experience the majestic beauty of the night sky. Step back in time on your traditional boat, take in shooting stars and marvel as galaxies pass by without the light pollution of the modern world. 

Visit Møn on a Baltic Sea sailing holiday with tall ship with Eye of the Wind as she sails from Germany to Copenhagen.

Als, Denmark – View of Sonderborg Castle


5. History, tranquility and wildlife on the island of Als

Lying close to the German-Danish border, the island of Als is home to the town of Sonderborg. Explore ashore on this typical Danish island oozing with history, tranquillity, and nature! A major attraction is the Sonderborg castle with its beautiful gardens in clear sight of our anchorage. Wander the historic merchant’s houses lining the harbour as you stroll through the Old Town boasting typical Danish tranquillity.

Danish wildlife is waiting in abundance on the island of Als. Rare breeds of amphibians and tree frogs inhabit the damp woodlands found on the island. Als lies at the migration route of birds travelling from southern Europe to Sweden – so bring your binoculars for some Danish wildlife spotting at sea!


Ready to start sailing in Denmark?

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