Irene’s Owners

Irene’s skipper is Ieuan Finniear who has been with Irene for many years now both as skipper and previously as 1st mate.

Multi-talented Ieuan hails originally from Mid-Wales but he spent most of his childhood in France, so is bi-lingual. A little known fact about him is that he can play the harp….but we can’t fit it on Irene.

Irene runs with a professional and friendly crew who all share a love for the sea and appreciate the beauty of sailing a classic wooden ship. From Skipper to first mate, the deckhands and the chef, all of Irene’s crew are well versed in entertaining guests at sea.

Guests are actively encouraged and supported to get involved in all aspects of what it takes to sail a traditionally rigged tall ship. No experience is needed to climb aboard as the crew are always on-hand to show you the ropes. They’ll gauge the guests ages, abilities and experiences to ensure everyone is comfortable in what is happening at all times. You won’t be put somewhere you don’t want to be or doing something that is beyond expectation. After all, the time at sea is your sailing holiday to remember and that has to be for all the right reasons!

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Irene's Crew

Her dedicated and professional crew are always on hand.

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Life onboard

Private: Irene

Become part of the crew as you hoist sails and take the helm...

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The History of

Private: Irene

Built in 1907, Irene has many years of sea-faring tales in her sails.

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