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Linden was built in Mariehamn, in the Åland Islands – an autonomous archipelago off the west coast of Finland. This magnificent white sail schooner was a joint venture between residents of the Åland Islands, the Finnish government and established ship owners in an attempt to create a vessel that was a worthy representation of the traditional maritime culture of the islands. Because of this, Linden was built in pine – how the Åland and Finnish traditionally built their ships. In order to meet modern standards, the DNV required that a reinforced steel superstructure was put inside the hull, with watertight bulkheads to meet the safety requirements for passenger vessels.

Until 2006, Linden sailed the Baltic Sea, proudly representing Åland, before being sold to a restaurant in Helsinki that turned her into a day cruiser, where she barely left Helsinki harbour. Now fully restored she was bought by her current owners in 2017 to offer sustainable charter, environmental experiences and cargo transport, working with local businesses and enterprises to ensure efficiency. Today, she sails her guests up to the Artic during summer months, sailing around Svalbard Norwary, slicing through the water and inbetween the ice in order to give her passengers the chance to experience the artic via sail, ski and hike this remote archipelago near the North Pole. Life under sail in this remarkable location gives guests the chance to witness polar bear, artic foxes and reindeer with carfeul consideration to this fragile environment.

During the winter months, Linden heads for the sunnier climes of the Canary Islands. With Tenerife as her base, Linden’s winter sun sailing schedule offers trips to the harder to reach islands of La Gomera and La Palma with plenty wildlife spotting on the way of pilot whales, hawksbill turtles and Manta Rays.

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  • Total number of berths : 35
  • Guest berths : 12
  • Number of bathrooms : 10
  • Builder : Linden Varvet AB, Åland/Mariehamn
  • Year built : 1993
  • Displacement : 277 tonnes
  • Length overall : 49m / 160'7"
  • Draft : 3.1m / 10'1"
  • Air draft : 32m / 104'9"
  • Beam : 8.9m / 29'2"
  • Rig : Three mast schooner
  • Sail area : 670m² / 7211'8"²
  • Number of sails : 11
  • Engine : Volvo Penta 346 KVA
  • Crew : 6-8
  • Charter berths : 6 cabins
VoyageSet SailDaysCost p/p
Discover The Deep Fjords23 July 20185£2,250Enquire now
Sailing into the Arctic Wilderness27 July 20183£1,250Enquire now
Discover The Deep Fjords30 July 20185£2,250Enquire now
Sailing into the Arctic Wilderness3 August 20183£1,250Enquire now
Discover The Deep Fjords6 August 20185£2,250Enquire now
Sailing into the Arctic Wilderness10 August 20183£1,250Enquire now
Discover The Deep Fjords13 August 20185£2,250Enquire now
Sailing into the Arctic Wilderness17 August 20183£1,250Enquire now
Discover The Deep Fjords20 August 20185£2,250Enquire now
Sailing into the Arctic Wilderness24 August 20183£1,250Enquire now
Discover The Deep Fjords27 August 20185£2,250Enquire now
Sailing into the Arctic Wilderness31 August 20183£1,250Enquire now
Discover The Deep Fjords3 September 20185£2,250Enquire now
Sailing into the Arctic Wilderness7 September 20183£1,250Enquire now
Discover The Deep Fjords10 September 20185£2,250Enquire now
Crossing the Norwegian Sea – Heading South to Denmark15 September 201819From £1,500Enquire now
Three Seas Voyage – From Denmark to Spain28 October 201814From £1,650Enquire now
Set Sail for the Canaries – From Spain to Tenerife11 November 201811From £1,100Enquire now
Winter Sun Canary Island Exploring1 December 20187From £940Enquire now
Explore The Canary Islands Under Sail8 December 20187From £940Enquire now
Whales, Wildlife and Winter Sun15 December 20187From £940Enquire now
The Best of The Canary Archipelago at Christmas22 December 20187From £940Enquire now
Canary Island Adventures at New Year29 December 20187From £940Enquire now
Whales, Wildlife and Winter Sun19 January 20197Was From £940Now From £893Enquire now
Canary Island & Winter Sun Adventure Sailing26 January 20197Was From £940Now From £893Enquire now
Explore the Archipelago of the Western Canaries2 February 20197Was From £940Now From £893Enquire now
Delivering Linden to Spain11 February 201914Was From £1,100Now From £1,045Enquire now
An Ocean Passage to Cornwall25 February 201919Was From £1,100Now From £1,045Enquire now
  • Do I need experience?

    No sailing experience is necessary as we have a competent crew who can sail the ship. However, we do encourage the guests to get involved as much or as little as they wish.

  • What should I bring?

    We have limited luggage storage space and typically guests bring more luggage than they need. A kit list will be provided before you board.

  • Will I get sea sick?

    It is not uncommon to get sea sick in rough weather so the skipper will try to plan a route to avoid it. If you do begin to feel unwell, just let a crew member know so that we can look after you accordingly – especially if you are on medication.

  • What is the accommodation like?

    There are 4 separate cabins, most of which have en-suite bathrooms. 3 cabins have 4 single beds in them, and 1 cabin has 3 beds in it. There is a large dining area with a bar, with a full catering kitchen, and even a sauna too!

  • Are all meals included in the price?

    Yes - however drinks with meals are not. They are available to purchase from the on board bar.

  • What bathroom facilities are provided?

    There are 5 twin cabins with private shower and toilet, and 2 single cabins with shared bathroom. There are several other bathrooms dotted around the ship.

  • Are dietary requirements catered for?

    Yes, the chef will be glad to help you with your dietary requirements. Please make sure you complete the section on diet when booking.

  • If I have a medical condition, will it be a problem?

    Please telephone us for advice, but take a look at the questions on the booking and medical form so that you can see the sort of questions we will need to ask. Please note any medical information given is totally confidential.

  • Do I need to be very active?

    No, a normal level of fitness will be adequate; you need for emergency circumstances to be able to climb a 6ft (2meter) vertical ladder unassisted.

  • Can I charge my phone or digital camera?

    Yes - just make sure you bring an adaptor for EU sockets.

  • If there are so many berths on board, why can Linden only take 12 guests?

    This is all she is licensed to carry at the moment. It also means everyone has plenty of room, and there's not too much strain on the kitchen so everything can be the best quality possible.

Skipper profile

Rasmus Jacobsen

After growing up in and around ships, and working both fishing vessels, traditional tall ships and research boats, Rasmus now sails the Linden around the arctic.

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Life onboard


With two lounges, a library, ensuite cabins and a sauna, Linden enables her guests to travel in comfort and style, protected from the cold weather of the Arctic.

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The History of


Linden, built in 1993, is a replica of another ship of the same name that dates back to 1920 and became one of last windjammers without an engine in Finland.

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