Lynher’s History

Originally built in 1896, Lynher was rescued from the mud and lovingly restored over 10 years.

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Lynher is a rare example of a Tamar sailing barge built-in 1896 by James Goss of Calstock and used to transport cargos of stone, coal and fertiliser on the River Tamar and its smaller tributaries.

Following an extensive working life, Lynher was abandoned in the mud during the early 60s. Her future was signed, she was to rot away and disintegrate. However, Lynher was preserved by the mud until a formidable Cornish man decided to resurrect the barge and rebuilt her.

Following a 10 year-long restoration, Lynher was relaunched in 1999 and sold in 2001. In 2016 Dominic and Barbara Bridgman were donated Lynher by her former owner. Once again, the hull was in need of rebuilding. The task was daunting because of the lack of funding available to support such an extensive hull restoration. Lynher is built to carry 60 tonnes of cargo, usually stones, therefore her hull had to be very strong to avoid the cargo moving and breaking the sides of the boat. Her planking is of 2” larch with 6”x8” oak frame and an inner planking again of 2” larch (called inner skin).

The hull was rebuilt from the waterline up and recaulked completely. In between the planking tonnes of rock salt was applied on inner shelves so as to bring any freshwater coming through the cargo hatches which form the main deck area and of which there are 27. The restoration was staggered in stages so that income from other water-based activities run by the CIC could finance the rebuilding of Lynher.

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Pulled from the mud, Lynher has been lovingly restored to her former glory.

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