Agave’s Crew

Skippered by wellness couple, Vincent & Vallery...

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Your Skipper

The skipper of Agave is Dutch sailor, Vincent. From a very young age he has been sailing with his parents and brothers in the Netherlands. Whenever the right weather conditions were there, they would take the sailboat out and sail on the lake in front of their house. Vincent believes the feeling you get when gliding over the water using a natural element is just amazing and it brings you into a meditative state, calming the soul. His passion is sharing this experience with as many guests as possible.

Your host

Your hostess and chef on board is Vallery, Vincent’s partner. She grew up on a small farm close to the sea in Germany where she developed a natural passion for organic and healthy food. She learned which plants are harvested, sown and prepared at which time of the year. Now, as a certified nutritionist, she loves to share her knowledge and educate people on the power of good food. Combining sports, well-being, healthy nutrition, surrounded by nature and maintaining balance are the basic concepts of wellness for her.

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Agave's Crew

Skippered by wellness couple Vincent & Vallery...

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Wellness is at the heart of everything aboard Agave...

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Our first Catamaran to the VentureSail fleet!

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