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"With the Flying Dutchman you can feel the romance of the sea..."

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Offering sailing holidays in Scotland and the Hebrides, the Flying Dutchman aims to teach you all the different aspects of sailing. Family owned and operated, the Flying Dutchman is perfect for solo travellers, couples or older families looking for that classic tall ship experience and holiday with memories that will certainly last a life time.

A designated chef ensures that you’re well fed and looked after after a day of sailing the Scottish Seas. With generous communal areas and a fitted bar on the upper deck, the Flying Dutchman is certainly a ship to sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

With ten ensuite twin cabins below decks, after a recent re-fit, all cabins have air-conditioning or heating and all bedding and towels are provided.

You are invited to get involved with all aspects of sailing this fascinating schooner. She is traditionally rigged but also has a winch system so can be sailed comfortably by the crew if guests simply want to put their feet up and enjoy the views!

Once the sails are up you can enjoy the beauty of silently crossing the ocean.  Ask the captain to steer the ship and ask him questions about Scotland and the ship. To conclude, a sailing holiday is social, adventurous and exciting and we think, together with the ship and the ocean, that we can give you a breathtaking experience.

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Family owned and operated...

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Feel the romance of the sea with the Flying Dutchman under sail

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With over 110 years of sailing under her hull, the Flying Dutchman certainly has a sea tale or two to tell...

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