This 1902 two masted schooner offers her guests sailing holidays from the Canaries to the Caribbean.

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Built in 1902, Twister’s original purpose was to transport fish between fishing boats and the harbour. To ensure the fish remained fresh, Twister was built for speed. Over the years, she gained a steel hull and several other owners, before being transformed in 1998 into a luxury passenger vessel and renovated in 2012 in order to provide all the new safety features and modern comforts. With gracefully designed lines, and a modern rigging system, Twister is still a very fast, reliable ship with the feel of a yacht. Her build allows her to perform excellently both on the Ijsselmeer, Baltic Sea and out on the ocean, with most her time spent in the North and Baltic Sea when she isn’t making the voyage down to the Canary Islands or around the Caribbean.

Alongside the brilliance of the ship itself, Twister’s environmentally conscious crew and owners are a credit to the vessel. Guests are provided with eco-friendly toiletries, and during the voyage out to the Caribbean via the Canary Islands she will be transporting local produce between ports, offering companies a eco-conscious means of delivering trade goods.

Come on board for an exhilarating sailing holidays aboard this classic two-masted schooner. Whether at the helm, on deck or in the cozy wheelhouse, the vessel is much loved by all her guests – the Twister’s accommodation of 2 and 3 berth cabins makes her a perfect ship for families too.

  • Total number of berths : 20
  • Guest berths : 13
  • Bathrooms : 3
  • Smoking policy : Not below decks
  • Home port : Harlingen
  • Year built : 1902
  • Displacement : 85 tonnes
  • Length overall : 36m/118'
  • Draft : 2.8m/9'2"
  • Beam : 6.2m/20'3"
  • RIg : Schooner
  • Sail area : 332.5m/1090'8"
  • Number of sails : 6
  • Engine : Mercedes Benz 300 PK
  • Crew : 4
  • Are all meals included in the price?

    Yes, all meals and food on board is included in the price, as well as all warm and soft drinks - i.e., everything except alcohol. There is however a cash bar on board.

  • What language is spoken on board?

    English and Dutch, mainly.

  • What are the sleeping arrangements?

    There are two twin cabins, and four three bed cabins. All beds are singles, and if you want a cabin to yourself just let us know, but please note the price will increase by 30%.

Skipper profile

Rene Ypenga

Twister has been skippered by many different people over her sailing years. Details of her current skipper are coming soon...

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Whether you're joining Twister on a passage crossing or in the sunny Canary Islands, you won't be disappointed.

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Despite now offering her passengers first class sailing holidays, Twister was originally built for hard work on the seas.

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