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All Inclusive Canary Islands Sailing Holiday

  • Vessel: Twister
  • Where: Tenerife, Canary Islands
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Embark: San Miguel Marina - 15 January 2022, 15:00
  • Disembark: San Miguel Marina - 21 January 2022, 10:00

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Sail with Twister as she departs from Tenerife to explore the quieter side of the Canary Islands. From the tropical rainforests on La Gomera to hidden bays off Tenerife, this is winter sun sailing like nothing else.

Whisk yourself away this winter for some well-deserved rest and vitamin D, far from the bustling crowds and enjoy a sailing holiday in the Canary Islands on Twister as she explores the more remote side of this popular destination.

Away from the hectic tourist centres, Twister and her crew will show you a quieter, wilder side to this extraordinary archipelago. Departing from San Miguel Marina in Tenerife, she may sail to La Gomera where you can walk through the ancient rainforests of Garajonay – La Gomera’s National Park – and snorkelling with Manta Rays in sparkling phosphorescence seas. Sailing holidays in the Canaries are truly magical and there really is something for everyone when you sail with us.

The spectacular wildlife here is an absolute highlight but the sailing opportunities and cuisine both onshore and onboard Twister are just as delightful and laying back on her deck to soak up the warm winter sun is simply one of the most wonderful ways to unwind after a busy year.

Sailing holidays on the schooner Twister
If you’re looking to combine comfort and luxury with traditional sailing then Twister is the schooner for you, providing a perfect sailing holiday experience for either a novice sailor or an experienced hand.

Like most of the Venture Sail fleet, the aim is to include you in as much or as little as you wish to take part in; hoisting of the sails, helming the ship or simply being on wildlife watch. We believe that in our fast-moving modern world, there is a great deal of satisfaction to be found in stepping back and working as part of a team aboard a ship from a bygone era; navigating the seas, discovering new islands and enjoying the exhilaration.

And you’ll be in good hands throughout your sailing holiday in the Canary Islands, Twister’s crew are exactly who you want to be joining you. Their accommodating nature and vast experience will instantly put you at ease and even if you have no experience, they will instil great confidence in literally – helping you to learn the ropes.

Wonderful wildlife watching
The area between Tenerife and La Gomera was officially designated a Whale Heritage Site in January 2021 – Europe’s first – and it is easy to understand why. The sightings and close quarter viewings of the resident Pilot whales along with a wide range of other whale and dolphin species are one of the best parts of sailing in the Canaries. As expected, we operate a “Whales come to us” policy so as not to disturb their natural habitat, but if they do come close, we can move slowly under sail to get the best view – so get the cameras ready as it is truly amazing to be able to watch them so closely. Bottlenose dolphins can also be seen in the area and you can sit out on the bowsprit and watch them surf the bow wave through glossy seas and dance with the motion of Twister, it is utterly breath taking and a moment that will stay with you forever. Other species we have seen in recent years include the deep-diving Sperm Whale, Brydes whale, Spinner dolphins, turtles and the Atlantic Spotted dolphin. So keep keen eyes peeled!

Your sailing holiday
Due to Mother Nature, there is, of course, no fixed itinerary for your sailing holiday as Twister needs to sail where the wind and weather take her. The Skipper will have a better idea of the weeks rough plan as you board Twister and will give a briefing on your first evening. We aim to have at least one shore day so you could rent a car or a kayak and exploring in your own way however if there is anything particular you wish to do or see, do talk to the Skipper and crew who will likely have recommendations and will do their utmost to ensure your holiday is as you wish.


Visit La Gomera
Sail with the flying fish to the pretty harbour in Valle Gran Rey.  Here, the steep red cliffs warm the water for an early evening swim before we dine under the stars. As the sun lifts her head above the ocean, take an early morning dip whilst the local fisherman feed the Manta Rays, before joining a crew member to walk the rivers and valleys of the beautiful National Park – Garajonay. Life here is at a slow pace, snorkelling and swimming, walking the quay and chatting with the fishermen bringing home their catch of tuna. With plenty of cafes and bars and the only beach on the island, it’s the ideal place to sit back and relax in the sun.

The nature of the landscape in La Gomera offers plenty of both easy and challenging walking on well-mapped routes with breathtaking views. The road infrastructure is of a very high standard, and for those harder to reach places, car hire is cheap and straightforward. The island is easy to drive around, with many opportunities for taking in a short walk and a swim or stopping in a mountain restaurant to sample local earthy dishes. Chickpea soups, salted potatoes and local fish are all exceptional and well worth the stop. The soil on all the island is great for growing vines so the wines here are excellent too.

Wherever the winds and weather sail you, Twister is the perfect way to enjoy a sailing holiday in the Canaries if you’re a solo traveller looking for your next adventure or a group seeking some quality time together.

Similar voyages

There are currently no voyages scheduled. Please contact the VentureSail team to find out what’s available, or if there are other upcoming voyages that might be suitable.
Do give us a call in the Office on 01872 487288 or email info@venturesailholidays.com, and we will be happy to help you find your next adventure!


There are currently no voyages scheduled. Please contact the VentureSail team to find out what’s available, or if there are other upcoming voyages that might be suitable.
Do give us a call in the Office on 01872 487288 or email info@venturesailholidays.com, and we will be happy to help you find your next adventure!



Guest berths: 12 Rig: Schooner

Originally built with a wooden hull in 1902, Twister’s original purpose was to transport fish between fishing boats and back to the harbour. To ensure the fish remained fresh, Twister was built and rigged for speed.

During her working life, she was refitted with a steel hull and after several other owners, she was transformed in 1998 into a luxury passenger vessel. Renovated again in 2012, she was updated with all new safety features/equipment and all the modern comforts you could possibly want from a charter vessel.

With her graceful design and sailing lines, Twister is still a very fast, reliable ship and is truly comfortable under full sail. Her build and modern rigging system, allows her to perform excellently both on the Ijsselmeer, Baltic Sea and out on the Atlantic ocean. Her time is spent in the North & Baltic Sea before she voyages down to the Canary Islands for winter sun sailing holidays from Tenerife and then onto the Caribbean. 


Come on board for an exhilarating sailing holiday aboard this classic two-masted schooner. Whether at the helm, on deck or in the cosy wheelhouse, the vessel is much loved by all her guests – Twister’s accommodation of 2 and 3 berth cabins makes her a perfect ship for solo travellers, couples and families too.

Twister Deck Plan

Twister deck-plan

Deck plan

Twister deck-plan More about Twister


  • Are all meals included in the price?

    Yes, all meals and food on board is included in the price, as well as all warm and soft drinks - i.e., everything except alcohol. There is however a cash bar on board.

  • What language is spoken on board?

    English, Dutch and some German.

  • What are the sleeping arrangements?

    Six Twin Cabins.

  • Are bedding and towels provided?

    Yes, all bedding and a shower towel is provided but please bring an extra swimming towel if needed.

  • Do I need to tip the crew?

    Tips are not mandatory but are welcomed by the crew!

  • How many bathrooms and/or showers does she have?

    Twister has two individual toilets and two individual showers for guest use.

  • Is there an age limit?

    8+ years with 8-18yr olds accompanied by an adult.

  • Is there WIFI?

    Twister has emergency WIFI only so please ensure your devices are set up for international travel. During most trips, she travels close enough to the land to still pick up a 4G connection.

  • Can I charge my phone/camera?

    Yes. Whilst the generator is running and/or Twister is connected to shore power; all cabins have a working European plug socket (so please take an adaptor if required). There is an emergency plug socket connected to a battery store if needed. Please ask the crew.

  • Are Life Jackets provided?

    Yes. When and if necessary, Twister has both inflated and inflatable life jackets.

  • Are Waterproofs Provided?

    No, please bring your own.


From: San Miguel Marina

To: San Miguel Marina

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