Mile Builder Sailing

08 June | 6 min read
Florette Pulling Ropes on Board

Looking to build your miles at sea and gain valuable hands-on experience in open water? Our offshore sailing holidays offer the perfect opportunity to improve your sailing skills while sharing a bucket-list adventure with like-minded individuals. Whether you dream of crossing the Atlantic Ocean or the Bay of Biscay, a mile builder sailing holiday is perfect for the adventurous and those building confidence as a sailor.

From historic tall ships to adventure yachts and luxury classics, our unique vessels offer a variety of sailing experiences all over the world. Here, we’ll delve into why a mile builder sailing holiday is the best way to experience the natural world, immersing yourself into the rhythms of the waves and exploring captivating destinations. Take the plunge and discover life under sail.

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Why choose a mile builder sailing holiday?

A hands-on learning experience

Mile builder sailing holidays provide an unparalleled opportunity to gain practical knowledge and improve your sailing skills. Unlike traditional mile builder training courses, our voyages allow you to actively participate in the navigation, sail handling, and overall operation of your chosen vessel as part of a crew.

Under the guidance of our experienced skippers and crew, you’ll learn essential seamanship techniques, gain confidence in your abilities, and develop a deep understanding of the art of sailing. You are welcome to bring your log books on all of our voyages, and our crew are always happy to facilitate any extra learning experience you would like. 

Embrace your seafaring ancestors

Humans have been sailing and trading for thousands of years, with the earliest evidence of sailing thought to be from the stone age. Our ancestors were explorers, adventurers, pirates and tradespeople. Some of our boats are sailing the same routes as they did as cargo vessels over 100 years ago. It’s in our roots, in our blood.

There is something indescribably magical about sailing with only the power of the wind. As you rely on the natural world , you’re able to disconnect from the modern world. Mile builder sailing not only also fosters a deeper connection with the places you visit, as you become part of a timeless seafaring tradition that has connected people and cultures for centuries.

The ultimate immersion into life at sea

Even if you’re not looking to become a professional sailor, joining a mile builder holiday is still the best way to get actively involved in sailing life. Mile builder sailing holidays provide the best opportunity to refine your night sailing abilities and celestial navigation skills.

There is something truly unique about watching the sun go down and the moon rise, while star-gazing at the clearest night skies from the deck of a boat. As part of the crew, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the unique challenges and rewards of sailing under the stars. Guided by experienced skippers, you’ll learn to navigate using celestial equipment, chart plotting, and electronic navigation systems, gaining confidence in handling the vessel during nighttime passages.

Discover diverse destinations from a new perspective

The Earth is two-thirds water, yet we spend most of our time on land. Our mile builder sailing adventures offer not only just sailing experiences but also give guests the chance to experience the world from a totally new perspective.

From the rugged coastlines of Scotland and Cornwall to the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean, and even the pristine beauty of Iceland; our adventures at sea will take you to bucket list destinations along the way. Embrace the opportunity to discover hidden coves, picturesque harbours, and charming coastal towns, all while experiencing the thrill of an ocean voyage. Feel the excitement of approaching a new coastline, and witness the gradual changes in scenery as you sail from one destination to another.

An environmentally conscious adventure

A mile building sailing holiday is also a great way to explore the world while reducing your carbon footprint. By harnessing the power of the wind, our vessels are able to minimise their carbon emissions whilst allowing the opportunity to visit different countries without using air travel. Instead of boarding a plane and missing out on the unique experiences to be found on land and sea, sailing allows you to savour the journey itself.

Spending longer periods at sea promotes a deep connection with nature, as you witness firsthand the vastness and beauty of the open sea. As you navigate through pristine waters and encounter marine life along the way, you develop a profound appreciation for the importance of preserving our fragile ecosystems. With sustainability at the forefront, our mile builder sailing holidays provide an opportunity to explore the world while treading lightly upon it.

Ready to set sail?

If you’re ready to take the plunge and experience life at sea, view all our mile builder sailing holidays below.
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