Sailing Denmark with National Geographic Traveller

05 June | 3 min read
Aron skipper sailing

We had the pleasure of welcoming National Geographic Traveller onboard traditional schooner Aron of Svendborg as she sailed the Danish archipelago. Journalist Angela Locatelli embarked on a six-day adventure on the 98-foot, two-mast schooner built in 1906, guided by liveaboard family Helene and Gorm. Helene’s encouraging command, “Keep pulling!” echoes as the group hoists the 90-meter mainsail, marking the beginning of an exhilarating journey where “the sail catches the wind, billowing full like surging swells. We’re on our way, fast and proud.”


Life on board Aron

Life on board Aron sailing Denmark is an immersive blend of hands-on learning and relaxation. Guests, regardless of their sailing expertise, are encouraged to participate actively in the ship’s operations. “Even for a beginner like me, there’s always a line to coil, a knot to fasten,” notes Angela. The historical significance of the Aron, built in Marstal, a prominent maritime hub, adds depth to the experience. These schooners, known for their speed and agility, were once pivotal to Danish maritime trade. Today, only a handful of these vessels remain operational, making a voyage on Aron a rare and treasured experience. 

The South Funen Archipelago, comprising around 55 islands in the Baltic Sea, serves as the backdrop for this journey. These islands are known for their picturesque towns and compact size, some small enough to traverse on foot in an hour. Despite the charming landscape, it’s the sailing experience that takes centre stage. Helene emphasises the spontaneity of their voyage, noting, “Promising we’ll go here or there limits the sailing experience.” Instead, they let the wind dictate their course, creating an authentic and unpredictable maritime adventure.

Sailing on the beautifully maintained Marstal schooner, Aron of Svendborg, offers a unique and sustainable holiday experience in Denmark. Built in 1906, this traditional wooden boat provides a sheltered and hands-on sailing adventure. Guests can immerse themselves in the authentic maritime life of over a century ago. Owners and skippers Gorm and Helene are passionate about preserving the heritage of traditional sailing, which is reflected in their commitment to prioritising ecology, sustainability, and local produce while offering guests an unforgettable sailing experience.


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