Jouke Lemmers

Coming from a family of seafarers, Jouke Lemmers always knew that ships were his calling. After gaining much experience over the years, he is now the proud owner and skipper of Cherokee.

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Jouke was born at sea. His father Ton is considered a pioneer of the charter industry, and Jouke was taken on every trip on his father’s boat, all over the Baltic Sea. It had been obvious to Jouke since he was young that he wanted to spend his life on, in, and around ships, and in order to facilitate his study of shipbuilding financially, he worked on ships all over the world. At 21, Jouke found himself in the Canary Islands, where the realisation that he wanted own and skipper his own charter yacht came to life.

He now has all the official navigation qualifications, plenty of captaining experience and spends his winters as a naval architect. In other words, you’re in very capable hands during your holiday on Cherokee. Jouke is so friendly and hospitable with a relaxing air that spreads a sense of calm over the whole ship. Climb aboard and let Jouke show you the ropes.

Skipper profile

Jouke Lemmers

Jouke bought Cherokee in 2008 after growing up with classic vessels, and turned her into the ship she is today.

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Life onboard


With a schedule dictated by the elements, Cherokee will utilise her sails as much as possible. Get involved or sit back, and relax.

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The History of


Built in 2000, Cherokee's history is in the making. Be a part of this beautiful yacht's story.

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