Life on Board Eye of the Wind

From great food and sunbathing on deck to the studying of nautical charts and hoisting of sails, here's what to expect from a holiday on board this traditional Windjammer.

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Your voyage will begin – in most cases – at 7pm with a welcome drink and dinner. You will get to know the crew members and your co-sailors, and should find yourself in a friendly atmosphere from the get-go. Down-time is as encouraged as hands-on sailing, with air-conditioned bunks, comfortable lounges and a sun-drenched deck ensuring that there are plenty of spaces to relax on board.

You will get to know the Eye of the Wind as a seaworthy and reliable ship that has proven itself in every weather condition. Of course, you have the chance to assist the crew in their daily sailing operations – no prior knowledge is required, and active participation always happens on a voluntary basis and under expert guidance. But even if you’d rather not be on the steering wheel yourself, and instead enjoy the ride on the deck or in the cozy saloon, then just relax under the sails in harmony with nature and the sea.

Most of the trips are designed to be at sea during the day and spend the nights in the harbour or at a sheltered anchorage. The day-to-day scheduling will be explained by the captain with the help of the nautical chart, and basic functioning of the individual sails and ropes is also explained by our crew members. Most of our guests find this very useful, helping them understand the sailing process in layman’s terms. You will be able to stand at the helm of this historical ship, and climb the rigging for a bird’s eye view of the ship and the surrounding waters. On land, you will be able to explore different cultures, cuisines and histories, allowing your trip on board the Eye of the Wind to encapsulate all kinds of adventure.

Sailing on the high seas is hungry work, and your appetite will be easily satiated by our excellent on-board kitchen. From morning till evening, the chef will surprise you with varied recipes from his gourmet cookbook. Depending on the sailing season, local food and ingredients often end up in the cooking pot or on the plate.

Thanks to the 6 luxurious cabins, all with ensuite bathrooms, Eye of the Wind can sleep a total of 16 guests ensuring ocean passages can be travelled in true comfort. A large dining area, library and sun deck offer a multitude of different spaces to unwind and to get to know your fellow guests and crew.

Out at sea, you have time for yourself and time to get to know the ship as a place of rest, where you can leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you. Stress has no place on the ocean, and you will find yourself unwinding in harmony with the wind and the sea on board the Eye of the Wind.

Skipper profile

Cornel & Michael

The Eye of the Wind has 2 skippers, and they change roughly every 3 months or so.

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Life onboard

Eye of the Wind

From luxury food and sunbathing on deck to nautical charts and the hoisting of sails, here's what to expect from a journey on this traditional Windjammer.

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The History of

Eye of the Wind

Built in 1911 as a topsail schooner, the Eye of the Wind, built by C Lühring of Brake, West Germany, and was intended to work in the South American hide trade.

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