Life on Board Narwhal

A custom-built expedition yacht, Narwhal is super comfy and is perfectly set up for remote location sailing.

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Adventuring on the ocean surrounded by nature, onboard Narwhal, no two days are ever the same. Each headland or horizon reveals a new vista and the most amazing wildlife encounters have a habit of happening when they are least expected. Life on board Narwhal falls into a natural and relaxing rhythm.

Waking up in the morning to a new view and a hearty breakfast, you will chat about what the day may have in store before raising the anchor and setting sail for the day. Sailing up fjords and past islands, you will have a front-row view of breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

You will have a chance to get as involved as you like in the sailing of the boat. Skipper Katharine and Eric will guide you through getting to know the ropes and settle you in at the helm, steering the boat. There is no pressure to get involved, if you would rather relax and take in the scenery or capture the beautiful views on your camera then that’s fine too.

Lunch will be served as we travel and can be enjoyed on deck or down below in the cosy cabin. Anchoring each evening allows time to enjoy other activities, including photography, hiking, fishing, maybe even trying your hand at kayaking or paddleboarding or simply relaxing and enjoy the relaxed pace of life – a far cry from the hectic modern world. Then it is back on board for a hearty dinner and time to relax and swop stories before bed.

Protecting the wonderful ocean environment that we love so much is important to us and is part of our ethos onboard. We have seen first hand how the effects of plastic pollution reach out even to the most remote parts of the world. We have found that our guests have all enjoyed helping take part in beach cleans in these remote areas and encourage everyone to join us in taking part and enjoying the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped leave the ocean that bit better than we found it.

If we are sailing on an offshore passage, during the crossing the crew will be divided into groups of 2 or 3 called ‘watches’, each supervised by a member of our crew, the watches will take it in turns sailing the yacht across the ocean throughout the day and night. Sailing through the night out of sight of land is one of the most magical and unique experiences of ocean sailing. On these expeditions, it will be even more special as we will be sailing under the magical midnight sun, accompanied by sea birds as they wander the ocean.

Narwhal is a purpose-built expedition vessel so is well equipped and set up to take groups on remote location adventures. Below decks, she is warm and cosy with a communal seating area and separate twin bunks and a double cabin. She has running hot water so showers after a cold day in the Arctic are always top of the list.

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Eric and Katharine

Couple Eric and Katharine are the owners and skippers of Narwhal.

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Think wild locations, remote sailing and beach cleans whilst in total boat comfort.

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From Croatia to the Arctic, Narwhal has earnt her sea miles.

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