Reminder’s Skipper

You couldn't be in safer hands than with bargemaster Paul who comes from a family of Barge sailors.

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Reminder is one of the last remaining Thames Barges to be privately owned and operated as charter vessel.

Paul is one of Reminders owners and more often than not, is the skipper. Paul grew up in a barging family and follows a long tradition of proud sailormen who are used to sailing their barges without modern equipment. Paul loves to share this knowledge and passion with his guest and with his vast knowledge of the estuaries, creeks and islands of the East Coast, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Despite the huge sail area and what looks to be a mass of ropes and rigging, Thames barges were designed to be sailed by just two people, so along with Paul and his mate, Reminder is not complicated to sail. Paul and his crew encourage guests to get involved and learn how the barge tacks and manoeuvres.

Skipper profile

Skipper Paul

Having grown up on Barges, Paul is the perfect part-owner and skipper of Reminder.

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Life onboard


Reminder is perfect for those that have never sailed, offering home comfort below decks while exploring beautiful estuaries.

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The History of


One of the last Thames barges ever made, Reminder is also one that is still sailing the East Coast today!

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