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Polish sailing couple Aga and Greg have been organising sailing holidays in Greece, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean for more than 15 years. With a long list of happy customers worldwide, they spend half of the year in Greece and the other half in the Caribbean.

They have two boats: Zorba and their new catamaran, Zorba Cat. While they will be sailing close by alongside in their catamaran, Aga’s sister (called Agata!) and new skipper Arnon will be sailing Zorba.


Agata has been sailing on and off with her sister and Greg over the years, so she knows firsthand where the best spots for swimming and the most special tavernas are. Aga has trained her to give guests the same high standard, cooking beautifully healthy breakfasts and fresh lunches aboard.

a note from Skipper Arnon…

“Hello friends! My name is Arnon. I’m 52 years old, living in lovely Greece, and for the last 16 years, sailing in the Mediterranean with friends and guests. I also teach to an international sailing license. Over the years, I have found that the most exciting areas to sail in the Mediterranean are the Greek Islands. I love the colour of the crystal waters, the lovely nature around them, the small villages with the authentic Tavernas, and the traditional best food (don’t miss out on the cheese Saganaki!).

I am very excited to be your skipper on Zorba’s deck and, together with Agata, make sure you will enjoy your holidays. 

See you on board, Γειά μας! “

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