Grayhound’s Owners

Grayhound is now proudly owned by Swedish nationals Wille Christiani & Oskar Hejll who bought her in 2019.

Wille is a qualified and experienced sailor who is also one of the Grayhounds watch-leaders.

Oskar has a background as a puppeteer and is now a deckhand on Grayhound providing the best entertainment at sea you’ll ever experience!

Both Wille & Oskar have a passion for sailing with a traditional vessel and can’t wait to share with guests their beautiful home country of Sweden and all it has to offer.

Rest assured they plan to continue sailing Grayhound all over the world with trips back to her home port of Cornwall and adventure cargo voyages across the Atlantic.

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Grayhound's Crew

With a multi-national crew comes diversity in knowledge - you couldn't be in safer hands.

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Life onboard


Built-in 2012, Grayhound comes with all the mod cons for comfortable sailing.

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The History of


Grayhound is an outstanding replica of the original 1776 customs lugger.

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