Life on Board Linden

An almost 30 year old tall ship in the Arctic - you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Linden was more about adventure and less about luxury...but you'd be wrong!

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Guests will board and disembark Linden in Longyearbyen, Svalbard and from here you will explore the fascinating fjords of Spitsbergen.

Linden offers different cruises during the summer season; from the weekend cruise giving you a perfect taste of the arctic sailing around Isfjorden area, to the midweek cruise taking you further towards the south or north point of Spitsbergen and toward the end of the summer a longer 10-day cruise will leave your home a distant memory!

In May, when the mountains are still covered in snow, Linden offers ski and sail packages – all the cruises are true expeditions, so there will be a rough itinerary but this can change as the weather, wind, and ice conditions will determine where the ship travels.

Inside Linden, there are two lounges with plenty of windows, so you can watch the waves roll by and spot wildlife – even at meal times. Crew and guests gather in the bar lounge for meals and briefings as there’s plenty of room for all of us – it also makes the perfect place to relax and get to know your shipmates. There is also a library lounge on board, where the bookshelves are filled with polar literature.

All guests on board are guaranteed an exclusive experience, as Linden offers five twin cabins with private bathrooms, and two single cabins with shared bathrooms for overnight sails. All rooms are inside cabins, and the ship is fitted with an efficient ventilation system that provides an easy solution for drying your expedition gear.

What really sets Linden apart from the rest, however, is that having been built in Finland there is, of course, a well-sized sauna on board.

Linden sauna

During the sail to Svalbard, Linden will visit local Danish and Norwegian communities in search for fresh, local food from artisan producers and small local businesses. Before sailing, the kitchen will be stocked up on organic, responsibly sourced ingredients from Norway and Svalbard, thanks to the relationship that the crew have established with local tradesmen who farm the animals in Svalbard. This often includes meat such as reindeer, seal, and more. There are also fishing rods and other equipment on board ready to use if need be. This inspires and enables our chef to prepare healthy and hearty meals with a creative, culinary twist. Guests can look forward to enjoying dishes inspired by the polar history of Svalbard, and recreations of some of the traditional menus of explorers and trappers.

Skipper profile

Rasmus Jacobsen

After growing up in and around ships, and working both fishing vessels, traditional tall ships and research boats, Rasmus now sails the Linden around the arctic.

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Life onboard


With two lounges, a library, ensuite cabins and a sauna, Linden enables her guests to travel in comfort and style, protected from the cold weather of the Arctic.

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The History of


Linden, built in 1993, is a replica of another ship of the same name that dates back to 1920 and became one of last windjammers without an engine in Finland.

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