Rasmus Jacobsen

Rasmus Jacobsen has grown up with ships - from his father's fishing boat to marine survey and research vessels to traditional tall ships. You'll be sailing the Arctic waters in safe hands.

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After spending most of his life in Denmark, Rasmus’ family brought him up around maritime lifestyle and culture from childhood. He lived on a yacht and was introduced to an alternative way of life including a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle – avoiding animal proteins, processed foods and unsaturated fats in the knowledge that it is better for the planet. Since he was young, he has had this environmentally-friendly approach, and now runs his business in an eco-friendly manner, knowing that success doesn’t equal harming the planet. His new adventure with the three-masted schooner Linden is a flagship for his eco-profile which he is always striving to improve.

Rasmus has worked on the oceans for over 30 years on galleons, square rigs and various cargo and passenger ships. He has also worked with charters on the square-rigger MS Sørlandet. Since 2007, Rasmus has been a commercial shipowner, and his fleet has included ships for ocean research and ocean windmills in the North Sea.

Now based in Svendborg, Denmark, Rasmus takes every opportunity he can to get out on the ocean or on land to hike and hunt.

Skipper profile

Rasmus Jacobsen

After growing up in and around ships, and working both fishing vessels, traditional tall ships and research boats, Rasmus now sails the Linden around the arctic.

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With two lounges, a library, ensuite cabins and a sauna, Linden enables her guests to travel in comfort and style, protected from the cold weather of the Arctic.

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The History of


Linden, built in 1993, is a replica of another ship of the same name that dates back to 1920 and became one of last windjammers without an engine in Finland.

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