Aron’s History

Built in 1906, Aron has been sailing the Baltic for over 100 years...

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The name Aron is Hebrew for ‘strong’…

The ship has been called Aron all her life, but the rigging has been changed several times, with 8 owners over her 115+ years at sea.

Built in 1906 by AK Anderson Marstal, Aron was later owned by HJH Christensen Ommel who fitted an auxiliary engine and changed the rigging to a ketch. For some years Aron remained at home on Ærø under different owners, until 1937 she moved to Rudkøbing, owned by the twin brothers Ferdinand and Christian Jørgensen. During this period the ship was completely down-rigged and only sailed inshore waters, mainly with grain, coal, and cement cargo. The brothers lived on board and, in line with the requirements of the time, they fitted it with a larger engine and increased its carrying capacity to around 100 tonnes.

During World War I, Aron was painted on the side of the ship with its name and nationality to indicate that it belonged to a neutral country. After the war, in 1968, Kristian Lund began the transformation from a cargo merchant ship to a leisure and passenger ship at the shipyard in Middelfart. The ship was again rigged as a schooner and fitted out for charter guests.

The wheel-house, established in 1947, was removed in 1973. Aron was now back to its original appearance, as when the ship was launched. In the same year, Aron had a new engine installed, a 110 HP Gardner diesel engine, which is still running well today.

In 1983 Aron had an H-rail fitted under the keel to prevent keel-hauling and then in 1999 she had the original pine deck replaced with a new teak deck.

In September 2017 Gorm was hired to help out on a day trip since the owner was seriously ill with a brain tumour. It was decided that Gorm should skipper Aron for the season in 2018, so the owner would be able to celebrate his 50th anniversary in July. Unfortunately, the owner passed away on the very day Gorm was set to start work as new captain on board. The widow luckily decided to hire Gorm, and to continue sailing with Aron until a new owner could be found.

Gorm and Helene quickly fell in love with Aron, and started working towards purchasing the ship. This was achieved in March 2021 and they are looking forward to a fulfilling life at sea on their beautiful boat.

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Aron's Crew

Skippered by Danish couple Gorm and Helene, they grew up in Svendborg so know the area like the back of their hand!

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Aron of Svendborg

An adventure at your own pace. Traditional sailing in sheltered waters...

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Aron of Svendborg

Sailing the Baltic Sea since 1906, Aron of Svendborg is one of the last remaining schooners of her kind...

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