Life on Board Aron

A traditional sailing experience at your own pace....

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Life on board

Our sailing holidays on traditional tall ship Aron of Svendborg are perfect for those looking for a unique sustainable holiday experience. Get to grips with life on a traditional vessel as you explore the islands of Denmark under sail. 

Getting involved

Aron is owned and skippered by Danish couple, Gorm and Helene. Hailing from the Danish port of Svendborg, they have been sailing in and around Denmark all of their lives. The opportunity to share their sailing grounds with guests, showing them where they grew up and introducing them to the history and sailing heritage of the area – is something they are both extremely proud of.

They love nothing more than to welcome guests on board Aron, sharing with them both their floating home and also a piece of maritime history of which they are fiercely protective of. (If you get the chance to stop at Marstal – be sure to get Gorm to give you an outside tour of the old ships yard before you take a museum tour!)

Gorm is normally at the helm, plotting the route with Helene and watching the weather. Helene is on hand on deck to guide guests, showing them the ropes with a truly relaxed manner. She used to teach sail training on larger tall ships – her manner is considered and her explanations of wind direction and sail hoisting are clear and easy to learn. Although guest participation is not mandatory, Gorm and Helene believe it is truly the best part of the experience. It doesn’t matter on your age or ability, there is always something to suit!

Get to grips with hoisting the sails, taking the helm and some basic navigation. Everything on Aron is done as part of a team, from work on deck to preparing dinner and washing up. Everyone takes a turn – there’s something quite holistic about peeling apples on deck, just picked from a local island, sharing cultural stories of culinary delights from around the world (or maybe just your granny’s apple pie recipe!)

Sustainable sailing

Enjoy the silence of the sea, the wind in the sails and the gentle creak of this beautiful old wooden ship

Sailing with Aron is not necessarily about the destination (although the islands of Denmark are truly beautiful and perfect to be explored by boat!) but the journey itself is the real purpose. Using mainly the power of the steady Baltic winds, sailing with Aron is a sustainable holiday choice in a time when there are increasing climate challenges around us. With Aron, ecology, sustainability and local experiences are at the heart of everything on offer.

Denmark has a real community spirit from town to town and island to island. Everyone helps each other out with a lot of the village stores run on a community funded, volunteer basis. Helene and Gorm are very much a part of this and building relationships with local artisanal producers across the islands. Helene hopes to use the last section of cargo hold on Aron to share produce across the islands. This isn’t for financial gain, just to share community spirit. 

Sleeping and Eating

With the fresh sea air comes a healthy appetite and after a day of traditional sailing, enjoy delicious home-cooked meals aboard. Using local produce or perhaps even throwing a line for our very own catch-of-the day, Helene is well-versed in cooking up a feast from the galley. The menu ranges from traditional Danish dishes to international flavours. Helene has spent many years travelling the world with tall ships, so her menu is very much inspired. 

There is plenty of space both above and below decks to lay up a feast, with the saloon and dining area providing a cosy space for colder evenings. Aron can accommodate up to ten guests in a combination of four twin cabins, one 3-berth cabin. Cabin allocation happens once everyone has booked and has boarded. Some cabins are more suited to taller guests, with some better suited for couples, so Helene will allocate upon arrival.

Each cabin comes with its own sink, hand-towel, wash towel, full bedding and USB charging points and all cabins share a toilet. There is a shower aboard Aron if needed but the shoreside marina facilities are so good, it’s almost a shame not to use them. Aside from the showers, you’ll often find communal BBQs with sheltered seating, and sometimes even a sauna!

The crew have their own private space and cabins in the transom of the ship and Gorm and Helene sometimes sail with two of their sea-going children (normally if there are other children booked on). Aron is suitable for all and any ages of children although as a guide, it is preferable that children under five do have some experience of being at sea. 

A Typical Day

Breakfast normally starts around 8-8.30am before the plan for the day is discussed. Usually after breakfast it’s time to hoist the sails for a few hours before making port after lunch. Afternoons are spent exploring ashore, walking the flat islands to castles, beach-combing, fresh ice cream, sea dips, bunk resting, reading a book, or playing cards together. There is no expectation, sometimes the group walks together, sometimes they split up – it’s your holiday so it’s up to you! 

Sailing in Denmark is great place to embrace the “hygge” the country is known for, switching off from demands of the modern world and simply relaxing.

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Aron's Crew

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