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Owned and skippered by Danish sailing couple, Gorm and Helene...

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Aron of Svendborg is owned and skippered by Danish sailing couple Gorm and Helene. They have both been sailing most of their lives and continue to pass on their traditional sailing knowledge to their sea-loving children. In fact, our very own director and owner of Bessie Ellen was once, many years ago, having work done in a Danish Shipyard where Helene lived as a child with her mother. Helene vividly remembers dreaming of a life at sea…

Gorm Bødker – (Owner, Skipper, Mate, Tech Dept!)

Gorm Bødker grew up in the skipper village Troense on Tåsinge. He got his first dinghy when he was 10 and has been sailing large ships since he was 16 years old. Gorm also has 10 years of experience as a skipper and mate in the offshore wind industry. The experience at sea makes him supreme at reading the weather and handling the ship in all situations.  Gorm is always ready for a challenge and meets his guests with humour and patience.

Helene Moodie – (Owner, Skipper, Mate, Cook)

Helene Moodie was born and raised on a 2-mast ketch and has 15 years of sailing experience on large charter and school ships. This has given Helene enormous experience in including and guiding fellow sailors in both theoretical and practical sailing. Her attention to detail to ensure a quality guests experience is clear to see from the moment you step onboard. She often gathers everyone at the bows with her pot of chalk to draw diagrams on deck to explain wind directions and sailing manoeuvres!

Gorm and Helene live in Svendborg and together they have 4 children aged 7-18. Their two youngest, Elise & Anton, sometimes sail with them when there are other children aboard!

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Aron's Crew

Skippered by Danish couple Gorm and Helene, they grew up in Svendborg so know the area like the back of their hand!

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Aron of Svendborg

An adventure at your own pace. Traditional sailing in sheltered waters...

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Aron of Svendborg

Sailing the Baltic Sea since 1906, Aron of Svendborg is one of the last remaining schooners of her kind...

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