Life on Board Steady

Sailing Steady is designed to be as enjoyable as possible; combined with amazing wildlife, great food and stunning scenery, she makes for an unforgettable holiday at sea.

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The day starts with a hearty breakfast, after which everyone will prepare the ship for the day’s sailing. Below deck, everything is cleared away and above deck, the sheets and sails are prepared before you get underway. Sailing experience isn’t necessary, but everyone is actively involved – Steady’s crew are happy to show you the ropes.

Departure is around 9.30am to make the most of the day, and the skippers often have a destination in mind, but the weather will influence the decision so we cannot guarantee an itinerary. They’ll want to sail as much as possible rather than motoring into a gale so as with all of VentureSail’s fleet, Steady will go where the wind takes her.

Whatever the weather, it is wonderful to be out on the sea. Enjoy the beautiful views and the clean air that fills your lungs – not to mention the exhilaration of seeing Steady’s full rig being filled by the wind. Steady has a spacious deckhouse with surrounding views so you can still enjoy your surroundings when the weather isn’t behaving.

Usually, lunch will be enjoyed outside when under sail and in good weather. You will then spend the evening and night in a calm anchorage. Being close to shore means you’ll be able to be dropped off by dinghy to stretch your legs on a beautiful coastal walk if you’d like.

The number of hours of sailing can vary between 4 and 7 hours a day so you’ll be sure to work up an appetite ready for dinner to be served at around 7pm. The evenings are relaxed; chatting with new friends or finding a quiet spot on board with your book.

After a full day in the open air, you can sleep peacefully in our cosy and comfortable beds, ready for a new day of seafaring adventure.

Being at sea means you’ll spot an abundance of marine life, including occasional sightings of very rare or endangered species such as Sea Otters and Basking Sharks. The birdlife is incredible as you’ll be able to explore uninhabited islands that are a real haven for Alken, guillemots and puffins, among other species. In the water, you’ll often spot dolphins and porpoises who love to come and play in the bow-waves. Perhaps a rarer marine mammal is the minke whale, there are no guarantees with these quiet creatures but we do see them occasionally.

In addition to watching diving gannets grabbing their dinner straight out of the ocean, keep your eyes peeled for Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles– if you’ve got binoculars, we highly recommend you bring them!

Both Jan-Willem and Mariëlle love good food and cooking. The menu includes meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Throughout the day guests are offered coffee & tea and soft drinks to keep hydrated in the salty sea air.

Breakfast is varied each day, often including bread, cheeses, jams and spreads in addition to yoghurt and porridge or granola – sometimes there are boiled eggs, or fried bacon and eggs on offer if you’re doing a longer sailing day.

Lunch is a relaxed affair on deck, normally consisting of soup or salad, served with a selection of different breads. Examples include pumpkin, tomato or lentil soup, fish chowders, tuna salad or couscous salads; all made with the finest fresh produce.

Dinner is heartier to really fill you up after a day of being in the fresh air. It’s really varied but makes use of the best ingredients and draws influence from cuisines around the globe, from Morrocan lamb stew to a simple lasagne or an authentic chicken curry made with fresh herbs and spices. Sometimes if the skipper has bought some fresh fish, it’ll be barbecued up on deck. Dinner is always served with a selection of vegetables or salad.

There is of course dessert, which includes Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit, a selection of ice creams or simply coffee and chocolates.

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Mariëlle & Jan-Willem Kerkmeer

Jan-Willem and Mariëlle Kerkmeer live and breathe sailing, and share their passion for Steady and the sea with their guests.

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