Zuza’s History

Zuza, although only built in 1998, has plenty of history. After being built in South Africa, she has aided in marine life research projects before becoming a chartered ship, built to explore the seas in comfort and safety.

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Zuza is a 22m sailing vessel with a rich history, despite being only just 20 years old.

She was designed and built in 1998 in Cape Town, South Africa by Eraco, a company specialising in building aluminium craft for commercial and defence industries. Zuza was built to sail all over the globe, and with the ability to be self-sufficient for long periods at sea, she has worked in some exotic locations coping admirably with a variety of extreme weather conditions.

Soon after she was built, the British Royal Geographical Society chose Zuza to be an offshore base for international marine research projects off the east coast of Africa, where her features and reliability helped to facilitate groundbreaking research. This interest in marine conservation and wildlife is reflected in her charters today. Unlike larger wildlife spotting cruisers in the area, Zuza is able to safely get much closer to many magnificent wildlife spots around the Hebrides, Scotland. Offering her guests a unique and one-off opportunity to visit locations that are uninhabited and islands that are part of Seabird protection schemes.

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With untouched wildlife, dramatic coastlines and good food, skippering Zuza is a dream come true.

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Food is always a special occasion on board, guests can feast on fresh delicious meals after a day of exploring and recording sightings of seabirds, minke whales and dolphins.

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Zuza is a 22m sailing vessel and despite being only just 20 years old has an interesting history in marine research.

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