Blue Clipper Skipper

Blue Clipper's skipper changes throughout the year but the core crew remains the same.

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Blue Clipper is owned by Steve Swallow who also owns classic yacht Maybe. He divides his time between the boats and can be found skippering them for some trips. If he isn’t onboard, one of his trusty skipper’s take the helm.

The crew onboard work as a core team all year round so know the boat well and love to work with guests to sail the boat and show them the ropes.

Steve truly believes that you are never too young or too old to learn something new and runs his boats as a non-profit organisation. Whatever he makes from guest pleasure holidays, he reinvests into community projects for schools and youth groups giving young people an amazing opportunity to experience life on a tall ship!

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Blue Clipper's Crew

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Blue Clipper

Blue Clipper is perfect for those wanting to really get involved with sailing a tall ship.

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The History of

Blue Clipper

Built in Sweden in 1991 but inspired by a classic tall ship rig.

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