Month: November 2021

Why a guided sailing expedition is the best way to experience Svalbard

Nooderlicht sailing in Svalbard

Svalbard truly is a bucket list destination; far flung, closer to the arctic circle than Europe and an icy land of polar bears and glaciers.

It’s an increasingly fragile place and one most impacted by climate change. For that very reason, there are already strict tourism rules in place however, these are set to get tighter, making exploring this special part of the world that little bit trickier. But fear not! Our low impact sailing holidays around Svalbard are one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to discover this incredibly vast, wild and vulnerable archipelago. Find out why our adventure sailing expeditions on Noorderlicht are the best way to experience Svalbard;

  1. Leaving Nothing in our Wake
    Sailing on tall ship Noorderlicht is an utter joy. She boasts an interesting history and was originally built for the German Navy. Much of her sailing life has been spent navigating the waters of the Baltic Sea, exploring the fjords and islands of Norway and crossing the Arctic circle to discover Svalbard. Her size and draft allow her to reach some of the most remote parts of Svalbard, enabling guests to explore quietly without turning on her motors. Low-impact travel and sustainability form a huge part of Noorderlicht’s ethos and her crew pride themselves on offering environmentally friendly travel. One of the new proposed restrictions is a ban on all motorised traffic on sea-ice on selected fjords after March 1st. This is to protect polar bears and ringed seals but they won’t have an impact on Noorderlicht as she operates mainly under sail, gracefully travelling these waters leaving nothing but her wake.

  2. Fully Guided Expedition in Svalbard
    It is simply not possible to explore Svalbard without a guide and taking expedition trips can prove both costly and timely. When you sail in Svalbard with Noorderlicht, guided expeditions are part of the holiday with all crew fully trained and highly knowledgeable about the landscape, wildlife and history of this stunning region. On land, you will be led by experienced crew members who will provide guided tours complete with safety briefings and mesmerising anecdotes. At sea, their well-trained eyes are used to spotting wildlife ensuring that guests really get the most out of their sailing holiday.

  3. Fully Licensed
    Noorderlicht is a familiar sight in the waters of Svalbard and having operated here for many years, she is fully licensed and holds all the necessary permissions to sail here with guests. She remains up to date with local laws, is in regular contact with local organisations to ensure any changes or advisories are adhered to and, as Noorderlicht is only able to carry up to 20 guests, each of her ventures remain well within required passenger limits.

  4. Noorderlicht is Perfect for Expedition Cruising and Wildlife Watching
    A well-balanced two-masted schooner with a small draft, Noorderlicht is perfectly built for expedition cruising among the fjords and small islands of Svalbard. This also means she is able to reach areas that many other vessels can’t, offering her guests the opportunity to experience parts of the world that very few others can.

    Coupled with this, her spacious, open decks provide plenty of viewing areas to spot the multitude of wildlife that Svalbard is famous for. The nutrient-rich waters here are home to the strange and beautiful Narwhals as well as White and Bow-head whales with nine other species – including the Blue, Humpback, Fin and Minke – frequently spotted during the summer months, when food is more favourable.

    Other marine mammals to keep binoculars at the ready for include Polar bears, Walruses and five species of seals, all of whom play a vital role in supporting Svalbard’s fragile eco-system. We approach all marine wildlife with the utmost of care and remain a respectful distance way, operating on a ‘they come to us’ policy to cause as little disturbance as possible. Our accomplished crew are well-tuned to the local wildlife and their behaviours, monitoring their actions whilst provide commentary on each species spotted along the way. Keep cameras at the ready!

  5. Adventures On Land
    Tall Ship Noorderlicht always sails with two zodiacs which are used to enable wildlife viewing and landing opportunities in Svalbard which may otherwise be inaccessible. Daily guided hikes are planned for each sailing holiday, subject to the weather, and these are a wonderful way to discover more about the fascinating flora, fauna, geography and history of the area. Walk in the footsteps of whalers, learn about Svalbard’s role in World Way II and visit some of the mining outposts, which, despite the move towards greener tourism, remain active to this day.

    Land expeditions also offer the chance to spot one of the three land mammals who reside in Svalbard – the Svalbard Reindeer, Arctic Fox and Sibling Vole and perhaps the Svalbard Rock Ptarmigan, each of which are capable of building up enough fat reserves to survive through the harsh winters. From the end of May, eyes to the skies will be rewarded with sightings of migratory Geese, Auks, Fulmars and Arctic Terns as they return for breeding season.

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