Month: October 2022

What is Blue Therapy?

Blue therapy sailing experiences

The benefit of spending time near the water has been long-understood; listening to the waves and allowing the soothing sounds to wash away our woes. But what is it about the water that is so therapeutic and how exactly does this aptly named ‘blue therapy’ work?

Cast Off
As an ‘always on’ society, it can be really hard to find ways to switch off. This is where being at sea truly comes into its own and all our guests confirm that climbing aboard the vessel they experience a subtle psychological shift, stepping off land, onto the water and away from it all. No longer physically connected to life ashore, we begin to unwind. Casting off and setting sail there is a true sense of having escaped, leaving anxieties and troubles behind.

The Benefits of Being at Sea
While the health benefits of green spaces are well documented, research in recent years has shown that ‘blue spaces’ can have an even greater effect on wellbeing. A 2013 study on happiness in natural environments found that proximity to the coastline or marine environments had the greatest effect on an individuals happiness. One of the largest reasons for this is the psychologically restorative effect that water has. The evidence is clear that spending time around water has been consistently shown to increase positive mood and reduce stress, and there’s no better way to experience this than on a boat!

Chase away the Blues

All our ventures offer the chance to experience the magic of the water, from voyages to far-flung St Kilda to cruises around the Cornish coast and Isles of Scilly. There is something very special about being completely surrounded by water, the fluid motion and tranquility of life on the waves is something that lures guests time and time again. Why not climb aboard and experience some blue therapy first hand? We are confident you will return to shore feeling revived and restored with a new found love for the sea.

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Sailing in the Baltic Sea

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The Baltic Sea is a fabulous place to sail offering easy access to several European countries, including Denmark and Sweden, each with a differing coastline and culture. Home to thousand of islands, sailing in the Baltic Sea is a fantastic mix of sheltered coastal sailing with open water, wilder crossings. Experience gorgeous unspoiled coastline dotted with isolated archipelagos, untamed nature, islands and coastal villages each home to fabulous seafood restaurants, bars and interesting architecture. A well known destination for the adventure sailor, sailing holidays in the Baltic Sea are fast growing in popularity. A number of our fleet offer tall ship sailing in the Baltic Sea, read on to discover why we love venturing in this diverse, inland sea.

Outstanding Natural Beauty

Ruggedly beautiful, the Baltic Sea is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and there are numerous national parks in the area, set up to preserve and protect. With lands steeped in mythology, sailing in the Baltic proffers the chance to follow in the footsteps of the Vikings. Uncover an eclectic range of islands some home to craggy coastlines with others offer sweeping stretches of white sands and sheltered swimming. Each of our vessels sailing in the Baltic Sea allow plenty of opportunities to explore ashore, joining in with adventure activities, meeting the locals and discovering the picturesque beauty.

Baltic Sea Sailing Conditions 

Sailing in the Baltic is variable depending not only on where you sail, but when. We are pleased to confirm that all our ventures sail during the Baltic summer, a season of small waves and moderate wind speeds, making it ideal for a relaxing, skippered sailing holiday. Drink in the fresh sea air, dine on delicious locally sourced food whilst turning your hand to traditional seamanship. Sailing in the Baltic enables you to visit a new destination each day, experiencing the beautiful landscape from the sturdy deck of a tall ship. Explore cosmopolitan harbours, appreciate the gentle countryside views and ancient castles and towns that line this part of the world. Join traditional schooner Aron or windjammer Eye of the Wind, perfect for beginners or old hands wanting to get to grips with sailing in the Baltic Sea. 

The Scandinavian Lifestyle

Scandanavia is the home of “Hygge” – a concept that translates to a cosy feeling of togetherness, the feeling of wellbeing and warm atmospheres. So wherever you sail, whether with family and friends or as a solo traveller, you’re sure to be greeted with welcoming and friendly nature. Although all our sailing holidays offer all-inclusive meals cooked by the onboard chef, we allow plenty of time to take in the mouth-watering local cuisine and culture ashore. The rich history of Scandanvia permeates through to the lifestyle of today, making the country an incredible location for those seeking to switch off.

Sailing in the Baltic is spectacularly beautiful and our Baltic Sea ventures provide the chance to explore Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Climb aboard traditional schooner Aron of Svendborg or join windjammer Eye of the Wind as they offers sailing ventures around this pretty part of the world.

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