Collection: Blue Clipper

Hands on sailing adventure

Schooner Blue Clipper

Become part of the crew and learn the ropes of tall ship Blue Clipper as you sail the East coast of the UK from Newcastle to Weymouth.

Classic Sailing experience

Schooner Blue Clipper

Join Blue Clipper as she sails from Aberdeen to Newcastle and takes guests on a 5-day classic sailing experience.

North Scotland and Orkney

Fair Isle Scotland

Explore the North coast of Scotland and discover the beauty of the Orkney Islands under sail on tall ship Blue Clipper.

Sailing the Inner Hebrides

Scotland Isle of Bute

Sail with tall ship Blue Clipper as she explores the Scottish islands from Greenock to Oban.

Firth of Clyde Explorer

Scotland Isle of Bute

Explore the rolling hills and lochs of the Firth of Clyde under sail with tall ship Blue Clipper.

Mersey to Clyde

Scotland Isle of Bute

Join Blue Clipper for a sailing adventure in the Irish Sea and the Firth of Clyde over the Easter holidays.

Ocean Mile Builder Blue Clipper

Blue Clipper guests on deck

Build your miles and learn to handle a tall ship on a long passage as you sail with the crew of Blue Clipper from Portugal to Liverpool.

Gateway to the Isles

Blue Clipper sunset

Sail with tall ship Blue Clipper as she journeys from the Gateway of the Isles to explore the beautiful West coast of Scotland.

Scottish Highlands

View of the scottish highlands from a tall ship

Explore the hidden gems of the Scottish Highlands and surrounding islands under sail on tall ship Blue Clipper.

St Kilda Blue Clipper

Hirta and dun at St. Kilda

Sail to discover the secrets of St Kilda, a remote archipelago off the West coast of Scotland, shrouded in mystery.

Discover the skye, Outer hebrides


Hoist the sails of this spectacular tall ship and explore the magic that the Small Isles, Skye and the Outer Hebrides have to offer.

Discover the Inner Hebrides


Explore the rugged scenery and hidden gems of the Inner Hebrides archipelago and Argyll on tall ship Blue Clipper.