Collection: Oosterschelde

Sailing to Rotterdam

Bremerhaven Germany Eye of the Wind

Sail with Oosterschelde from Bremerhaven, along the Frisian Islands and to her home-port of Rotterdam.

Sailing to Brest Festival

France Brittany Lighthouse

Sail from the Netherlands for nine days of ocean sailing down the English Channel and down to the coast of Brittany ready for the Brest Maritime Festival.

Tall Ship Sailing Taster

Oosterschelde full bow sailing

Sail through the Kiel Canal and explore the Frisian Islands of the Netherlands for five days Tall Shop sailing.

Bay of Biscay Oosterschelde

Oosterschelde sailing close-up

Sail across the Bay of Biscay, through the English Channel and then onto the North Sea as Oosterschelde sails home for the summer.

Iberian Peninsula Oosterschelde

Oosterschelde sea sailing

Sail with Oosterschelde from the Portuguese town of Cascais exploring coastal fjords and traditional Spanish towns before sailing the Bay of Biscay to Pasaia.

Cape Verde Oosterschelde

Cape Verde Oosterschelde fishing boats

Spend 12 days sailing & exploring the beautiful archipelago of Cape Verde onboard Dutch Tallship Oosterschelde for active sailing and guided excursions ashore.